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# Nixon Xavier
# Nixon Xavier
# Derrick Streng
# Derrick Streng
# Jason Harper

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Lucky Labrador Beer Hall
1945 NW Quimby
Portland, OR 97209
(map, directions)

Luckylab beer hall small.jpg
Photo courtesy of Lucky Lab

Date and Time

Monday, November 8th 2010, 6 - 9pm. Talks start at 6:30pm.


Eclipsesource.png Eclipse.png


Elias Volanakis (503 929 5537), EclipseSource

Agenda: Eclipse for Mobile Developers

1. Android Development with Eclipse

Michael Galpin is a mobile architect at eBay, where he works on eBay Mobile for Android and eBay's mobile web site. He is an author of the upcoming book Android in Practice and a frequent contributor to IBM's developerWorks site. He has spoken at numerous technical conferences such as JavaOne and EclipseWorld and you can find him on Twitter as @michaelg.

2. BlackBerry Application Development Options

Research In Motion is a longtime contributor and consumer of several Eclipse projects as a Enterprise Member of the Eclipse Foundation. From Java to Web (as well as Flash/AIR and native C/C++ on the BlackBerry Playbook), Eclipse plays an integral role in enabling developers on the BlackBerry platform. This talk discusses these options for BlackBerry Application development and demonstrates the Eclipse tooling.

3. iPad development with Eclipse

Eclipse RAP is a mature framework for writing multi-platform applications with Java. We are now adding the iPad as an additional platform. This talk will introduce the technology and demo a single-source / triple-platform app (Java client / PC web-client / iPad web-client).

Elias Volanakis (@evolanakis) is an Eclipse RAP committer and mobile development enthusiast. At EclipseSource he helps customers write Eclipse-based software. When not coding he enjoys running and the art of cooking.

Who Is Attending

If you plan to attend please add your name and company to the list below. This will help us plan food & seating. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email. Thanks!

  1. Elias Volanakis (@evolanakis), EclipseSource
  2. Kai Zhang, IBM
  3. Bryan Lee, Axian
  4. Michael Galpin, eBay
  5. Seth Shikora
  6. Martin Hald
  7. John Thomas, RIM
  8. Troy Acott, Critical Path
  9. Mark Dopheide
  10. Bob Brehm
  11. Daniel Kranowski, Business Algorithms
  12. Bryan Fox, Cloud Four
  13. Dwarakanath Mysore
  14. Ben Acker, Yesmail
  15. Gera Shegalov, Oracle
  16. Chad Riddle, SoftSource
  17. Nilesh K., Logicues
  18. Todd Davis, Northwest Evaluation Association
  19. Dave Shanley, CrowdCompass
  20. Rhett Savage, Critical Path
  21. Richard Johnson, Chrome Systems
  22. Sean Dargen, Azad
  23. Patrick Timlick, Timlick & Associates.
  24. Scott Lewis
  25. Brendan Joyce, Tryon Creek
  26. Jasper Lieber, Critical Path
  27. Vincent Yau, Intel
  28. Cameron Ough, Cigna Healthcare
  29. David H Stannard
  30. Jeffrey L. Brandt, mHealthBridge
  31. Mario Raia, Mobile Warrior
  32. Kevin Bradley, Mobile Warrior
  33. Don Greear, Mobile Warrior
  34. Lyle Harris (+1)
  35. Jussi Heikkola, GE Healthcare
  36. Laurence Gellert, University of Oregon
  37. Tracy Harton, Amphibious Technologies
  38. Jennifer Adams
  39. Heikki Julkunen, Skycharts
  40. Steve Paquin, Vigillo
  41. Mark Horn
  42. David Craft
  43. Weifeng Bao
  44. Mathew Joseph
  45. Khaled Almahallawy
  46. Sahar Mostafa
  47. Nixon Xavier
  48. Derrick Streng
  49. Jason Harper

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