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#Dirk Bernsau, Fujitsu EST, eclipse@shedid.de
#Dirk Bernsau, Fujitsu EST, eclipse@shedid.de
#Mike Jäger, Fujitsu EST, mike.jaeger@est.fujitsu.com
#Mike Jäger, Fujitsu EST, mike.jaeger@est.fujitsu.com
#Bernhard Merkle, SICK AG, bernhard.merkle@gmail.com

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Technical University Munich / Technische Universität München Building 9, Room 3999 (Third floor) Arcisstr. 21 80290 Munich

General Directions: http://www.rcs.ei.tum.de/directions/

Building Map: https://portal.mytum.de/displayRoomMap?3999@0509

Date and Time

23.11.2010, 17:30


Eclipse Foundation


EMF Client Platform


Maximilian Kögel, maximilian@emfstore.org, EMFStore - Eclipse Project Lead

Jonas Helming, jonas@emfcp.org, EMF Client Platform - Eclipse Project Lead

Ekkehard Gentz, ekke@ekkes-corner.org (Committer Eclipse Riena Project)

Agenda and Schedule

Preliminary schedule is as follows:

17:30 - 17:45 Meet and Greet

17:45 - 19:40 Eclipse Modeling Framework and Eclipse 4.0/4.1:

  1. 17.45 - 18.05: Bernhard Schätz, fortiss GmbH, Eclipse Prolog EMF Transformation Engine (PETE), Details...
  2. 18.05 - 18.25: Axel Uhl, Chief Development Architect, SAP AG, An Efficient, Scalable Event Manager for EMF and its Use in OCL Impact Analysis (Draft slides at http://www.axel-uhl.de/EMFEventManager.pptx) Details...
  3. 18.25 - 18.45: Jonas Helming & Maximilian Kögel, EMFStore & EMF Client Platform, Building applications based on EMFStore and the EMF Client Platform Details...
  4. 18.45 - 19.05: Markus Herrmannsdoerfer, TUM, COPE - Advanced Features for Migrating EMF Models with COPE Details...
  5. 19.05 - 19.40: Tom Schindl - On Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1 - In insights on the design and fundamental ideas behind Eclipse 4.0 and why you should care about it

19:40 - 20:00 Break with Snacks and Drinks

20:00 - 22:00: RCP, RAP, Room and Mobile Development

  1. 20.00 - 20.35 Holger Staudacher, EclipseSource, A look ahead at RAP: what's new now and will be noteworthy in the future, Details...
  2. 20.35 - 20.55: Kai Tödter, Siemens Corporate Technology, Using e4 CSS styling with RCP 3.x
  3. 20.55 - 21.15: ekke (Ekkehard Gentz), Independent Software Architect, Mobile Software Development for BlackBerry using Eclipse: Lessons learned Details...
  4. 21.15 - 21.35: Henrik Rentz-Reichert, Protos Software GmbH, The eTrice Real-Time Modeling Project: Introduction and Demo, Details...
  5. 21.35 - 21.55: Benjamin Muskalla, Tasktop Technologies, Agiles Projektmanagement mit Tasktop und Mylyn

21:55 - 23:00 Get together

from 23:00 After-party at a Bar: Brasserie Tresznjewski

Please help us to organize the event: to handle the large number of attendees we kindly ask you to fill in this form. Please also tell us if you'll join the after-party so we can reserve the space.


CLOSED - We already have 10 presenters, so please do not add any more presentations. Sorry, but this is the absolute maximum...you can still join as audience however.

We can accommodate a maximum of 10 demos. Since we want to be able to show as many demos as possible, we decided to have 2 long demos (30 mins) and 8 short demos (15 mins). We hope that this allows the audience to see a broad range of technology and discuss details in the get-together after the demos.

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name, company and email to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to the organizers. If you do not want to publish your email address here, please send a short email to the organizers, so we can contact you in case of changes. There is a limit of 50 available seats. We have increased the seat limit to 70 seats 100 seats, because of the overwhelming demand. Anyway we now have 70 participants registered. We are trying to squeeze in another 10 seats, but we cannot promise. If you would like to attend then please add yourself to the waiting list below. Do not forget to add your email address or to send your email address to the organizers, so we can notify you, if more seats are available.

Please help us to organize the event: to handle the large number of attendees we kindly ask you to fill in this form. Please also tell us if you'll join the after-party so we can reserve the space.

Participants List

  1. Maximilian Kögel, EMFStore, maximilian@emfstore.org
  2. Jonas Helming, EMF Client Platform, jonas@emfcp.org
  3. Nitesh Narayan, Technical University Munich, narayan@in.tum.de
  4. ekke (Ekkehard Gentz), ekke@ekkes-corner.org, http://redview.org, http://ekkes-corner.org
  5. Markus Herrmannsdoerfer, Edapt COPE, herrmama@in.tum.de
  6. Gerd Kainz, fortiss GmbH, kainz@fortiss.org
  7. Christian Menkens, Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), menkens@cdtm.de
  8. Ali Bigdelou, Technical University of Munich, ali.bigdelou@cs.tum.edu
  9. Aleksandar Shterev, aleksandar.shterev@gmail.com
  10. Miriam Schmidberger, Technical University Munich, schmidb@in.tum.de
  11. Jorj-Cezar Munteanu, European Computer Telecoms AG, jorj.munteanu@gmail.com
  12. Ventsislav Petkov, Technical University Munich, petkovve@in.tum.de
  13. Axel Uhl, SAP AG, axel.uhl@sap.com
  14. Martin Dilger, PENTASYS AG, martin.dilger*at*pentasys.de
  15. Yang Li, Technical University Munich, liya@in.tum.de
  16. Mykhaylo Rubezhansky, PENTASYS AG
  17. Ronald Hoetschl, PENTASYS AG
  18. Hoda Naguib, Technical University Munich, naguib@in.tum.de
  19. Holger Staudacher, EclipseSource, hstaudacher@eclipsesource.com
  20. Henrik Rentz-Reichert, Protos Software GmbH, hrr@protos.de
  21. Vedad Handciz, ComSysto GmbH
  22. Kai Tödter, Siemens Corporate Technology
  23. Andreas Baumgartner, andreas@bambo.it Bambo IT-Consulting
  24. Kathrin Zorn, kathrinzorn@gmx.de
  25. Ronny Münch, ronny.muench@web.de
  26. Mario Griffith, MarioGriffith@amdosoft.com
  27. Hans Hofmann, metafinanz, johann.hofmann_at_metafinanz.de
  28. Marc Hoffmann, hoffmann@mountainminds.com
  29. Philip Langer, Business Informatics Group, TU Wien
  30. Konrad Wieland, Business Informatics Group, TU Wien
  31. Manuel Wimmer, Business Informatics Group, TU Wien
  32. Markus Sprunck, UniCredit Global Information Services S.C.p.A., markus.sprunck@unicreditgroup.de
  33. Josef Kiefinger, UniCredit Global Information Services S.C.p.A., josef.kiefinger@unicreditgroup.de
  34. Jürgen Thierack, IGFM, thierack@igfm-muenchen.de
  35. Timotheus Sonner, Softvision GmbH, timotheus.sonner@softvision-gmbh.com
  36. Stefan Langer, F&F GmbH, mailtolanger@googlemail.com
  37. Wilmer Montenegro, Montenegro Software
  38. Karl Skibinski, Wort & Bild Verlag, ks@wortundbildverlag.de
  39. Michaela Schäfer, schaefer@staatsanzeiger-online.de
  40. Christine Koppelt
  41. Stefan Seelmann
  42. Aleksandra Klimova, alexandra.klimova@gmail.com
  43. Thomas Herrmann, Teleteach GmbH, thomas.herrmann@teleteach.de
  44. Wolfgang Döbber, Freelancer , Wolfgang.Doebber@linux.com
  45. Tobias Hauzeneder, Dynalogic GmbH
  46. Tom Seidel, Independent
  47. Markus Papenbrock, mgm technology partners, markus.papenbrock@mgm-tp.com
  48. Wolfgang Strunk, Siemens Enterprise Communications, wolfgang.strunk(at)siemens-enterprise(dot)com
  49. Andreas Nerlich, andreas.nerlich(at)gmail.com
  50. Torben Boer, E.ON IT
  51. Markus Nicks, E.ON IT
  52. Thomas Bonk, Siemens Enterprise Communications, thomas.bonk(at)siemens-enterprise(dot)com
  53. Michael Bieber, In2Soft GmbH (a KPIT Cummins Company), michael.Bieber(at)kpitcummins(dot)com
  54. Steffen Mazanek
  55. Christian Foran, UniCredit Global Information Services S.C.p.A., Christian.Foran@unicreditgroup.de
  56. Otto von Wesendonk
  57. Heiko Radina, Softvision GmbH, heiko.radina@softvision-gmbh.com
  58. Christian Rutetzki
  59. Christoph Kunz, CSC Deutschland Solutions GmbH, ckunz@csc.com
  60. Gregor Gisler-Merz, Credit-Suisse AG, gregor.gisler@credit-suisse.com
  61. Marc Moser, Credit-Suisse AG, marc.moser@credit-suisse.com
  62. Sacha Storz, Open Source Press
  63. Sonja Maier, Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen, sonja.maier@unibw.de
  64. Gernot Stenz, Bauhaus Luftfahrt
  65. Stephan Leutenmayr, Bauhaus Luftfahrt
  66. Martin Glas, Bauhaus Luftfahrt
  67. Peter Lachenmaier, Forschungsgruppe Kooperationssysteme, peter.lachenmaier@kooperationssysteme.de
  68. Sebastian Vogel, Forschungsgruppe Kooperationssysteme, sebastian.vogel@kooperationssysteme.de
  69. Florian Ott, Forschungsgruppe Kooperationssysteme, florian.ott@kooperationssysteme.de
  70. Harald Grotjahn, UniCredit Global Information Services S.C.p.A., harald.grotjahn@unicreditgroup.de
  71. Jari Kirvesoja, eclipse@jarik.net
  72. Behnam Tajedini, tajedini@hotmail.com
  73. Zardosht Hodaie, hodaie@in.tum.de
  74. Stefano Merenda, BMW Group, stefano@merenda.de
  75. Werner Jungbauer, NewTec GmbH, <email_not_disclosed>
  76. Johannes Reitzner, msg systems ag, johannes.reitzner@msg-systems.com
  77. Lars Gentz, RSI Real Smart Innovations AG, lars.gentz@rsi-realsmart.de
  78. Alexander Zorn, zornalex@hotmail.com
  79. Federico Miroballo, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH, federico.miroballo*at*berner-mattner.com
  80. Rudolf Endreß, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH, rudolf.endress@berner-mattner.com
  81. Marcel Hoetter, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH, marcel*dot*hoetter*at*berner-mattner*dot*com
  82. Alexander Wunschik, wunschik.it, mail*at*wunschik.it
  83. Dirk Bernsau, Fujitsu EST, eclipse@shedid.de
  84. Mike Jäger, Fujitsu EST, mike.jaeger@est.fujitsu.com
  85. Bernhard Merkle, SICK AG, bernhard.merkle@gmail.com