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(Who Is Attending)
(Who Is Attending)
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#Oyshik Moitra, SAP Labs India.
#Oyshik Moitra, SAP Labs India.
#Anupama Raj, SAP Labs India.
#Anupama Raj, SAP Labs India.
#Kiran Venkatarama, SAP Labs India.

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.,

138, EPIP Zone,


Bangalore - 560066

Phone: 080-4329-5139

How to get there?

Google Map

Bing Map

BMTC Volvo routes

Date and Time

Friday, 19 November 2010

1 to 2 PM Lunch

2 to 5 PM Demo Camp


Eclipse logo.png Sap logo.png


Ankur Sharma - IBM

Ashwani Kr Sharma - SAP Labs


Keynote Mr Harish Porwal - VP, TIP CORE UI & Modeling Tools, SAP Labs


  1. Madhu Samuel K, Freelance Eclipse Trainer at - EMF - An MDSD Approach!
  2. Saurav Sarkar, Ashwani Kr Sharma -EMF Model Query 2 (The next generation Model Query language)
  3. Ashok Pon Kumar - Android Development Tools
  4. Ayushman Jain - Modelling with XText to create a language for Android Apps


  1. Deepak Azad - EGit
  2. Lakshmi P - XWT
  3. Nayna Jain - Create Web Applications using Eclipse Embedded Http Server

Demo Guidelines

  1. Remember its demo camp and not presentation camp
  2. Demos should be short and concise
  3. Demos are NOT tutorials
  4. Introduction to cool stuff will be given higher prioritize
  5. Do not cover what can be Googled or Binged easily.
  6. Use common sense
  7. slides unless really really needed.

Who Is Attending

Please note we can only accomodate 150 people.

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. (You need to login to this wiki with your Bugzilla user id. Please create one from here, if you don't have it) If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to

If you want to tweet about the event.Please tweet with #eclipsedemocampbangalore tag.

Please provide your contact and vehicle numbers here. The campus security would need this for letting you in. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  1. Swarnava Chatterjee, SAP Labs India
  2. Ankur Sharma, IBM
  3. Prashant, Software AG India, Bangalore
  4. Deepak Azad, IBM
  5. Madhu Samuel,
  6. Saurav Sarkar, SAP Labs India
  7. Ashwani Kr Sharma, SAP Labs India
  8. Tarun Telang, SAP Labs India
  9. Maqsood Ahmed, SAP Labs India
  10. Shyam Balachandran, SAP Labs India
  11. Nachimuthu Ramesh, SAP Labs India
  12. Ayushman Jain, IBM
  13. Velganesh Subramanian, Robert Bosch
  14. Kiran Reddy, Robert Bosch
  15. Ashitha Shetty, SAP Labs
  16. Vidya Gugnani, SAP Labs
  17. Vaibhav Kumar, SAP Labs
  18. Anuj Mehta,SAP Labs
  19. Animesh Kumar, SAP Labs India
  20. Sneha Jonnalagadda
  21. Padmashree B, SAP Labs India
  22. Vani M, Robert Bosch
  23. Madhushree S, SAP Labs India
  24. Kavitha Sreelatha, Robert Bosch
  25. Panneer Selvam, SAP Labs India
  26. Santhosh Rao, SAP Labs India
  27. Sanjeev Vaidya, SAP Labs India
  28. Saritha SV, SAP Labs India
  29. Vijayan B, SAP Labs India
  30. Satya K, SAP Labs
  31. Avijit Kumar Singh, SAP Labs
  32. Prakash K, SAP Labs
  33. Praveen Joseph, Robert Bosch
  34. Surindhar, Tieto
  35. Venkateswararao Maddineni, Robert Bosch
  36. Vinayak Murdeshwar, Robert Bosch
  37. Arunagiri K, Freelancer
  38. Mahesh Maney R, Unisys
  39. Umesh Chandra Adhikari, Unisys
  40. Preeti S k, ReadiMinds
  41. Vishal Kapoor,SAP Labs India
  42. Sandeepthi B , Robert Bosch
  43. Arul Prakash S, RSA(EMC)
  44. Ajeya MA, SAP Labs India
  45. Avanindra Paruchuri,SAP Labs India
  46. Shiva Shankar B, Robert Bosch
  47. Annamalai C, ANCIT Consulting Eclipse in Clips
  48. Rithesh S H, ReadiMinds
  49. Bhuvaneswari Rajagopal, Teleca India
  50. Amit Kumar, ReadiMinds
  51. Mallikarjun G,ICRISAT
  52. Ashok Pon Kumar, IBM
  53. Lakshmi P Shanmugam, IBM
  54. Satyam Kandula, IBM
  55. Aviral Kumar Shukla , Informatica
  56. Swetha Jonnalagadda
  57. Uttam Bharadwaj, ReadiMinds
  58. Pradeep B, IBM
  59. Amit, IBM
  60. Nayna Jain, IBM
  61. Rajesh Thakkar, IBM
  62. Gopalakrishnan K R, SAP Labs
  63. Guruprasad Mangalore,SAP Labs
  64. Amit Kumar, SAP Labs India
  65. Rohit Mahajan, SAP Labs India
  66. Dharani Karthikeyan, SAP Labs India
  67. Nipun dev, SAP Labs India
  68. Sujit Prathap, SAP Labs India
  69. Reshma Raghu, SAP Labs India
  70. Dhanya K Moni, SAP Labs India
  71. Ashish Nijhara, SAP Labs
  72. Arun Thondapu, IBM
  73. Manasa Priya,SAP Labs India
  74. Manasa Narasegowda,SAP Labs India
  75. Dattatreya S Vellal, IBM
  76. Pradyut Sarma, SAP Labs India
  77. Sachit Aggarwal, SAP Labs India
  78. Pooja Nigam, freelance
  79. Pavitra Raghunathan
  80. Werner Keil, emergn Ltd.
  81. Mahesh Somani, eBay Inc.
  82. Hanish, Goldman Sachs2
  83. Kondal Kolipaka, SAP Labs
  84. N Raghavendra, SAP Labs
  85. Allahbaksh Mohammedali Asadullah, SETLabs, Infosys
  86. Basavaraju, SETLabs, Infosys
  87. Susan George, SETLabs, Infosys
  88. Vishal John, Infineon Technologies
  89. Prakash Narayana, Infineon Technologies
  90. Shikhar Sachan, IBM, India
  91. Gorlagunta Karthik, IBM, India
  92. Nagesha Y.J., Ness Technologies
  93. Ajay Kemparaj, Adobe
  94. Prajwal K.R., Robert Bosch
  95. Santosh Math, HP
  96. Ganeshraj S, HP
  97. Aditya Pasalapudi, HP
  98. Bhuvan Mehta, SAP Labs India
  99. Mukul Kumar, IBM
  100. Suman Paul, IBM
  101. Sudarsan Gokhale Raghunath, SAP Labs India
  102. Saketkumar Srivastav, Oracle India
  103. Neeraj Bhusare
  104. Ravikiran Sastry PV, FICO India
  105. Ambuj Agrawal, ThoughtWorks India
  106. Nanjundappa K.N, Infinite Computer Solutions
  107. Aneesh Kumar, IBM India
  108. Sivasubramaniam Arunachalam, SAP Labs India
  109. Priya Ranjan Sahoo, IBM India
  110. Ankush Kalkote, Google India
  111. Niranjan Raju, SAP Labs India
  112. Vasu Kesiraju, SAP Labs India
  113. Mohammed Razak, SAP Labs India
  114. Jerry John, SAP Labs India
  115. Vikram Kumar V, SAP Labs India
  116. Rahul Kumar Jha, SAP Labs India
  117. Satyesh Singh, SAP Labs India
  118. Karthick Veerappan, SAP Labs India
  119. Abhinav Kumar, SAP Labs India
  120. Rakesh Pati, SAP Labs India
  121. Birupakshya Sahu, SAP Labs India
  122. Rajasekar, Manikandan SAP Labs India
  123. Debashis Ghosh, SAP Labs India
  124. Vasudevan Kalyanaraman, SAP Labs India
  125. S, Krishna Kumar, SAP Labs India
  126. Bharath Gupta PK, SAP Labs India
  127. Rahul chandra Kini, SAP Labs India
  128. Sivanandan Sankaraswami, SAP Labs India
  129. Priya Darshini Ausula, SAP Labs India
  130. Sharan Kumar Bojja, SAP Labs India
  131. Prashanth Madarapu, SAP Labs India
  132. Rohit Mittal , SAP Labs India
  133. Rajendra Lakshmi Prasad B, SAP Labs India
  134. Santhosh M N, SAP Labs India
  135. Sunil Kumar Panda, SAP Labs India
  136. Sundarmurthy Deshpande,SAP Labs India
  137. Chitra Chakravarthy , SAP Labs India
  138. Soumya Patil G.B, SAP Labs India
  139. Vijaya Pramila, SAP Labs India
  140. Raghavendra MB, Infosys
  141. Randeep Singh,SAP Labs India
  142. Ashokkumar KN, SAP Labs India
  143. Ajay Narayana Prasad, SAP Labs India
  144. Ganapati R Pai, SAP Labs India
  145. Thirumal Murugan, eBay Inc
  146. Harsha Balasubramanian, eBay Inc
  147. Hari Shankar, eBay Inc
  148. Santosh Kumar, eBay Inc
  149. Monica Swamiraj, eBay Inc
  150. Kamlesh Zanje, SAP Labs India.
  151. Lavanya Mothilal, SAP Labs India.
  152. Thamizhchelvan A Anbalagan, India Software labs, IBM india.
  153. Boudhaditya, SAP Labs India.
  154. Rohit Jaiswal, SAP Labs India.
  155. Prabhuth Purayath, SAP Labs India.
  156. Anoosha, IBM
  157. Sharat Chandran, SAP Labs India.
  158. Oyshik Moitra, SAP Labs India.
  159. Anupama Raj, SAP Labs India.
  160. Kiran Venkatarama, SAP Labs India.

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