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(Who Is Attending)
(Who Is Attending)
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#Paul Holden, Fortinet Technologies
#Paul Holden, Fortinet Technologies
#[http://people.cs.ubc.ca/~fritz/ Thomas Fritz], Software Practices Lab @ UBC
#[http://people.cs.ubc.ca/~fritz/ Thomas Fritz], Software Practices Lab @ UBC
#Sara Dadizadeh, [http://www.ubc.ca UBC]
#Jean-Noël Rivasseau
#Jean-Noël Rivasseau
#Michael Ellick Ang
#Michael Ellick Ang
#Gord Harris
#Immad Naseer
#David Jennings
#David Jennings
#Godfrey Hobb, Sap
#Bjorn Gustafsson, GOOD Software Inc
#Bjorn Gustafsson, GOOD Software Inc
#Chris Boxall, Capilano Consulting
#Chris Boxall, Capilano Consulting
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#Andy Clement, SpringSource
#Andy Clement, SpringSource
#Geoff Duck, IBM
#Geoff Duck, IBM
#Todd Law
#[http://webfoot.com/ducky.home.html Ducky Sherwood]
#William Shen
#Shawn Minto, [http://tasktop.com Tasktop]
#Leo Dos Santos, [http://tasktop.com Tasktop]

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Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

Date and Time

Date: November 25, 2009 (Note change of date from 26th to 25th)

Time: 6:30pm


UBC, Robson Square, Room C225



  • Robert Elves, Tasktop (email: robert.elves at tasktop.com)
  • Andrew Eisenberg, SpringSource (email andrew.eisenberg at springsource.com)



Talks are 9 minutes each including questions, with an extra minute to switch between presenters.

  1. Andrew Eisenberg from SpringSource Groovy and Grails tooling for Eclipse
  2. Jim DeLaHunt (Jim DeLaHunt & Associates) Interactive debugging of Joomla and non-trivial PHP apps using EclipsePHP and XAMPP
  3. David Green Crowdsourcing Documentation
  4. Emerson Murphy-Hill, Software Practices Lab @ UBC, Identifying Code Smells in Eclipse
  5. Sam Davis Software Practices Lab, UBC Revealing Abstractions Hidden in Source Code
  6. Ian Bull, EclipseSource p2 to Yoxos: Managing Your Eclipse Installs
  7. David Shepherd, Tasktop: Tasktop Best Practices


Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name below.

If you don't have a wiki account, please send me an email (robert.elves at tasktop.com) or create an account.

  1. Robert Elves, Tasktop
  2. Andrew Eisenberg, SpringSource
  3. David Green, MAKE Technologies Inc.
  4. Harry Monserrat, www.ubc.ca.
  5. Guy Lancaster, guylancaster.com
  6. Robin Salkeld, www.ubc.ca/SAP Business Objects
  7. Jack Bates, http://jdbates.blogspot.com/
  8. Valentine Wu (currently developing RIA using Adobe Flex at AeroInfo Systems, A Boeing Company
  9. Raama
  10. Nicolas, Eclipse user
  11. Jim DeLaHunt, consultant on multilingual websites, Joomla!, Drupal
  12. Martin Janzen
  13. Anand Deb, Optimus Information Inc.
  14. Jürgen Klein
  15. Tim Zhu, UBC
  16. Adrian de Silva, KVC Systems
  17. Mike Blackstock, INETCO Systems
  18. Jeff Sember, UBC
  19. Emerson Murphy-Hill, Software Practices Lab @ UBC
  20. Michael Nelson
  21. Ignacio Pineda
  22. Robin Percy
  23. Tim Hubberstey, Marmot Engineering
  24. Adib Saikali Programming Mastery
  25. Igor Opushnyev
  26. Sam Davis Software Practices Lab, UBC
  27. Adrian Powell
  28. Mik Kersten, Tasktop
  29. Romuald Restout, Arbita, HR-XML Consortium
  30. Jon Jennings, Eclipse user (Java & PHP)
  31. Gail Murphy, Software Practices Lab @ UBC and Tasktop Technologies
  32. Paul Holden, Fortinet Technologies
  33. Thomas Fritz, Software Practices Lab @ UBC
  34. Jean-Noël Rivasseau
  35. Michael Ellick Ang
  36. David Jennings
  37. Bjorn Gustafsson, GOOD Software Inc
  38. Chris Boxall, Capilano Consulting
  39. Pieter Botman
  40. Davor Cubranic, SAP Business Objects
  41. Andy Clement, SpringSource
  42. Geoff Duck, IBM
  43. Todd Law
  44. Ducky Sherwood
  45. Gunawan
  46. William Shen
  47. Shawn Minto, Tasktop
  48. Leo Dos Santos, Tasktop


If you have a seat and are unable to attend please send me an email (robert.elves at tasktop.com) and I will fill your seat from the wait list. Thanks.

Wait Listed