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(Date and Time)
(Who Is Attending)
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# Erkki Lindpere, Helmes
# Erkki Lindpere, Helmes
# Anton Safonov, Codehoop
# Anton Safonov, Codehoop
# Toomas Römer, jRebel
# Roland Tepp, Videobet
# Jevgeni Holodkov, Ericsson
# Kristjan Kuhi, Ericsson
# Anton Arhipov, Swedbank

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Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Marienthal (not 100% confirmed!)

Date and Time

November 27th, 2009 (not 100% confirmed!)


Ahti Kitsik, Codehoop


The order of the presentations will change!

  1. Ahti Kitsik, Keynote (total eclipse of my heart)
  2. Ivar Meikas
  3. Anton Safonov, Extending Eclipse datatools, SimpleDB example
  4. Toomas Römer, Using jRebel with Eclipse
  5. Erkki Lindpere
  6. Roland Tepp
  7. Jevgeni Holodkov
  8. Anton Arhipov

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below or send an e-mail to ahti at codehoop dot com.

  1. Ahti Kitsik, Codehoop
  2. Ivar Meikas, Codehoop
  3. Erkki Lindpere, Helmes
  4. Anton Safonov, Codehoop
  5. Toomas Römer, jRebel
  6. Roland Tepp, Videobet
  7. Jevgeni Holodkov, Ericsson
  8. Kristjan Kuhi, Ericsson
  9. Anton Arhipov, Swedbank