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(Who is attending)
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=== Who is attending ===
=== Who is attending ===
Please add yourself to this list if you think you will join us. This will allow us to be better prepared :)
If you are interested in our event please register using this [ form].
# [ Krzysztof Daniel], [ IBM Eclipse Support Center]
# [ Krzysztof Daniel], [ IBM Eclipse Support Center]

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November, the 26th. 18:30


Poznan University of Technology, Centrum Wykładowe Rooms 6 and 8




If you work with Eclipse on daily basis (or not) and if you do something interesting (or not), but you would like to tell a couple of words, please contact Natalia Klimasz or Adam Dudczak

Room 8:

  • "Websphere i WTP" – Tim deBoer, IBM
  • "Xtext czyli jak ułatwić/utrudnić sobie życie" – Bartosz Michalik, PUT
  • "Developing Java applications for Terracotta using Eclipse IDE" - Krzysztof Klis, Allegro
  • "Optymalizacja wydajności generacji kodu" – Grzegorz Białek, Signity

Room 6:

  • see room 8
  • "Przegląd wtyczek Eclipse dla webdeveloperów." – Jacek Pospychala, Zend Technologies
  • "P2 – zarządzanie aktualizacjami i zależnościami w Eclipse" - Natalia Bartol, IBM
  • "Google Summer of Code a Eclipse" – Wojciech Galanciak, PUT

Who is attending

If you are interested in our event please register using this form.

  1. Krzysztof Daniel, IBM Eclipse Support Center
  2. Wojciech Galanciak, IBM Eclipse Support Center
  3. Natalia Bartol, IBM Eclipse Support Center
  4. Jacek Pospychala, Zend Technologies Ltd.
  5. Jakub Jurkiewicz, IBM Eclipse Support Center
  6. Bartosz Michalik, Poznan University of Technology
  • You!

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