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Eclipse DemoCamps November 2008/Hamburg/Session Abstracts

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Rethinking the Architecture of Java ORM in terms of LINQ

Miguel Garcia (TUHH), Rakesh Prithiviraj (TUHH)

The general theme revolves around the efficient evaluation of LINQ queries in a Java-based implementation. Regarding the outline below, the first two items have already been reported in [1], the remaining are new.

a) LINQ set of technologies distilled. Architectural differences between JPA ORM and ADO.NET Entity Framework. Benchmarks for queries on large ORMed Ecore models

b) LINQ-favored approach to runtime translation into the query language of the target persistent store

c) Products and prototypes in the Java space aiming at LINQ functionality. We showcase the approach adopted by JaQue, which aims to adopt bytecode inspection to translate LINQ statements into the persistent store's native query language

d) the venue plan to follow for future work, building upon technologies developed in the projects [Pathfinder] and [Ferry], both being developed at U Tübingen.

[1] Garcia M., Prithiviraj R. Rethinking the Architecture of O/R Mapping for EMF in terms of LINQ

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