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Eclipse DemoCamps Juno 2012/Sofia

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Inter Expo & Congress Center

147 "Tzarigradsko Chaussee" Blvd.

How to get there? (in Bulgarian) (in English)

Register here

Date and Time

  • Date: Monday, 18 June 2012
  • Time: 09:00 to 18:00 (GMT+0200). Registration starts at 09:00.


This Eclipse DemoCamp will be sponsored by

Eclipse logo.png Sap logo.png
Eclipse Foundation SAP AG

If your company is willing to co-sponsor this event, please contact Violeta Georgieva, Jutta Bindewald.


Violeta Georgieva, SAP AG

Jutta Bindewald, SAP AG




If you would like to present a demo at this event

  • send an e-mail to Violeta Georgieva
  • keep in mind that demos should not be longer than 15 minutes

Who Is Attending

Please use http://eclipsedemocampsofia.eventbrite.co.uk/ to register and view the list of registered participants. Registration is free. If you have any trouble with the registration, just send an email to Violeta Georgieva.