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(Date and time)
(Date and time)
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=== Date and time  ===
=== Date and time  ===
14/6/2012 18:00 at TV Torony
14/6/2012 18:00 at [ TV Torony]
=== Organizer  ===
=== Organizer  ===

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Date and time

14/6/2012 18:00 at TV Torony


Zoltan Zidarics


Imre Kilian:Metamodel driven development environments

Attila Szomor: "IVY" the agile dependency manager and Apache IvyDE

Zoltan Zidarics: SVG in Gwt

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. We'd like to see as many people show up as possible.

  1. Zoltan Zidarics, PTE University
  2. Imre Kilian, PTE University
  3. Agnes Achs, PTE University
  4. Zita Herczeg, PTE University
  5. Peter Darvasi,PTE University
  6. Attila Szomor, eFabric Kft
  7. Aron Masik, eFabric Kft
  8. Kálmán Mariák, MarkCon Informatikai Kft.
  9. Péter Fazekas, MarkCon Informatikai Kft.
  10. Peter Megyeri, PTE University
  11. Edit Szlavik, PTE University
  12. Istvan Benedek, BesTest
  13. Janos Haber, Fine Solution Kft.
  14. Zalan Toth , Nevermind SW Kft.
  15. Peter Szabo, X&P Bt.
  16. Zsolt Kisander, PTE University
  17. Tamas Zidarics, PTE University

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