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(Who Is Attending)
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# Dimas Yudha P,
# Dimas Yudha P,
# Budi Oktaviyan,
# Budi Oktaviyan,
# Jon Andika,
# Kaiser,
# Kaiser,
# Ariawan,
# Ariawan,
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# Yudha Nugraha,
# Yudha Nugraha,
# Eko Wahyudi,
# Eko Wahyudi,
# Yudha Pranata Bahri,
# Khabib Mutakim,
# Khabib Mutakim,
# Achmad Dani Ardianto,
# Achmad Dani Ardianto,

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Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Venue/Address: Microsoft Indonesia BEI 18 ft.

Date and Time

June 16, 2012.  From 10.00am - 14.00pm


This Eclipse DemoCamp will be sponsored by Microsoft Indonesia


  • Frans Thamura [1] or frans at


REMARK Agenda below is work in progres. Order, content and presenter are all subject to change.


  • Azure/Java Deployment with Eclipse, Frans Thamura, Azure Insider, Azure4J, Meruvian / M. Anwar, Integrator, Meruvian
  • ZKoss by Reza Lesmana

Who Is Attending

Participation is free but seating is limited to 100 participants. If you'd like to attend, please sign up early.

Put your name and email address, and please confirm an email from our organizer to confirm. Registered unconfirm cannot get lunch box, and registered unattended will be blacklisted to come to next event.

  1. Frans Thamura,
  2. Mifthakul Anwar,
  3. Hendry Suwanda,
  4. Harry Christian,
  5. Dimas Yudha P,
  6. Budi Oktaviyan,
  7. Kaiser,
  8. Ariawan,
  9. Nova Saputra,
  10. Surya Chahyadi,
  11. M. Hanafi,
  12. Yudha Nugraha,
  13. Eko Wahyudi,
  14. Khabib Mutakim,
  15. Achmad Dani Ardianto,
  16. Zahid Al Haris,
  17. Achmad Nasirudin Sandi,
  18. Alfath Syahrian,
  19. Mujibur Rohman,

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