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==== EasySOA / JWT talks ====
==== EasySOA / JWT talks ====
* By: Marc Dutoo
* By: Marc Dutoo & Yoann Rodière
* Abstract : a 5-minute quickie about a new JWT feature (GEF SVG export...) and a 20 minute talk about EMF - ECM (Entreprise Content Management) integration and how it benefits JWT using the EasySOA SOA repository.
* Abstract :
  * a 20 minute talk entitled "From Eclipse to Document management : a case study for JWT & EasySOA" (Marc Dutoo & Yoann Rodière)
  * a 5-minute quickie: "GEF SVG export in JWT, a newcomer’s rocky ride to Eclipse" (Yoann Rodière)
=== Who Is Attending ===
=== Who Is Attending ===

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

Given the success of Last Year Grenoble DemoCamp, we are please to organize a new one this year.


Banner xrce.jpg

Xerox Research Centre Europe
6 chemin de Maupertuis
38240 Meylan, France
Travel Information

Date and Time

13 June 2012, 14h - 18h


Hosting and Funding



  • Adrian Mos - Xerox Research
  • Mickael Istria - JBoss by Red Hat (


The day will feature informal demos, presentations and discussions about cool Eclipse projects, ranging from research prototypes to fully-featured open-source and commercial offerings.

Each presentation should be 15 minutes + 5 minutes of questions, doing the transition with next presentation. If you want to make something shorter, then we'll plan quickies (5 minutes). This tentative agenda is subject to change depending on the proposed talks.

  • 14h - 14h15: Welcome, by Adrian Mos
  • 14h20 - 14h35: ...
  • 14h40 - 14h55: ...
  • 15h - 15h15: ...
  • 15h20 - 15h40: Quickies (5 minutes each, no QA, discussions during break)
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
  • 15h40 - 16h30: Break
  • 15h45 - 16h: ...
  • 16h05 - 16h20: ...
  • 16h25 - 16h40: ...
  • 16h45 - 17h: ...
  • 17h05 - 17h30: Quickies (5 minutes each)
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
    • Closing, by Adrian Mos
  • 17h30 - 18h: Unconference around a coffee
  • 19h - ... Unconference in a bar of the center of Grenoble (announced during the DemoCamp)

Proposed talks

Submission and deadline

You can submit simply by adding a paragraph there (please respect follow title conventions so we can easy use the page outline). We are looking for talks that shows:

  • Cool stuff in Eclipse (Eclipse insight)
  • Cool stuff with Eclipse (how you use Eclipse)
  • Cool stuff for Eclipse (what plugins you develop)

All technologies/projects/organizations/... are good for a presentation, while it relates to Eclipse.

What's hot in Juno?

  • By: ?
  • Abstract: A new release is made of new things! This will be an hopefully exhaustive lists of the new projects and main achievements that were part of Juno release.

What does E4 change for Eclipse users?

  • By: ?
  • Abstract: Eclipse Juno is based on E4. This refreshed platform introduce some new ergonomics that make Eclipse users development faster. This talk introduces this main changes that make your working day better.

What does E4 change for Eclipse developer

  • By: ?
  • Abstract: E4 introduces new paradigms in Eclipse development (Dependency injection, modeled workbench, services...). In this presentation, you'll learn quickly what this new stuff provide and how to leverage it. You'll also see how it does (not) have impoact on what you already did, how to perform transition of your code from e3 to e4 without pain, and how to adopt these new efficient paradigms.

What's new GMF?

  • By: Aurélien Pupier
  • Abstract:

EasySOA / JWT talks

  • By: Marc Dutoo & Yoann Rodière
  • Abstract :
 * a 20 minute talk entitled "From Eclipse to Document management : a case study for JWT & EasySOA" (Marc Dutoo & Yoann Rodière)
 * a 5-minute quickie: "GEF SVG export in JWT, a newcomer’s rocky ride to Eclipse" (Yoann Rodière)

Who Is Attending

Please add your name to this list if you attend the DemoCamp, or you could also use EventBrite ticketing system:

  1. Adrian Mos, Xerox Research
  2. Mickael Istria, JBoss by Red Hat
  3. Aurelien Pupier, BonitaSoft
  4. Christelle Burguera, STMicroelectronics
  5. Jerome Correnoz, STMicroelectronics
  6. Miguel Santana, STMicroelectronics
  7. Marc Dutoo (& others ?), Open Wide
  8. Yoann Rodière, Open Wide
  9. Juan Cadavid, INRIA
  10. ...


Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble is a Green event. If you plan to use your car to go to this DemoCamp, and have some seats to share, please add you to this list:

Driver Departure from Seats
Mickael Istria ( Grenoble Centre
  1. free
  2. free
  3. free
  4. free
Christelle Burguera ( Grenoble Polygone
  1. free
  2. free
  3. free
Miguel Santana ( Crolles
  1. free
  2. free
  3. free


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