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Eclipse DemoCamps Indigo 2011/Montreal

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Phillips Lounge, 1184 place Phillips, Downtown Montréal. Street View

Metro Stations:

Date and Time (careful, time changed !!!)

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Due to the number of great presentations suggested , we shall begin the event a little bit earlier (5:30PM instead of 6:30PM) to be able to enjoy the most (if not all) of them. Thanks for your understanding.

  • 5:30pm-6:00pm (Demo Camp, opening of the event, gathering up)
  • 6:00pm-9:00pm (Demo Camp, introduction of the presentations and start of the presentations)
  • 9:00pm-late (Pub)

Provided during the event

  • internet access via Wifi (presenters, try to have a backup plan, just in case...)
  • Videoprojector along with audio equipment

Who talks about it ?


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This Eclipse Demo Camp is being sponsored by:

Compuware Logo.png


  • Anthony Dahanne, Remote provisioning of a runtime, using p2 and JMS
  • Johnny Mongiat, Compuware, z/OS Team Synchronization in the Compuware Workbench, an example of using Eclipse's Team API
  • Johnny Mongiat, Compuware, PDE Dependencies Visualization: Feature Dependencies (provisional)
  • Pascal Rapicault, Sonatype, "Tycho, building OSGi bundles with Maven" or alternatively "m2e, Maven integration for Eclipse at Eclipse"
  • Regent L'Archeveque, Pierre Allard, Sebastien Gemme, Canadian Space Agency / Agence spatiale canadienne, "Eclipse @ CSA" or "CSA projects exploiting Eclipse framework"
  • Marc Khouzam, Ericsson, "What's new in CDT Debug"
  • Domenic Alessi, Sharing Preferences and Ericsson's p2 Installer
  • Francois Chouinard, Kernel and User Space tracing with Eclipse
  • Alvaro Sanchez, Sebastien Dubois, "Introducing Review for Eclipse"
  • <your suggestion of presentation here>

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to the organizers.

  1. Anthony Dahanne, Compuware
  2. Sébastien Angers, Compuware
  3. Christian Bourgeois, Compuware
  4. Dominique Toupin, Ericsson
  5. Pascal Rapicault, Sonatype
  6. Philippe Caussignac, Compuware
  7. Igor Bishchanyk, Compuware
  8. Domenic Alessi, Ericsson
  9. Marc Khouzam, Ericsson
  10. Johnny Mongiat, Compuware
  11. Alvaro Sanchez, Ericsson
  12. Sebastien Dubois, Ericsson
  13. Ying Hu, Compuware
  14. Stéphane Vaucher, Benchmark Consulting
  15. Kaab Abdel Hamid, Benchmark Consulting
  16. John Martel, CoGL
  17. Laurent Ilie
  18. Francis Toth
  19. Christos Batsis, Compuware
  20. Andriy Redko, Compuware
  21. Sebastien Martin 8D
  22. Jonathan Ducharme 8D
  23. Philippe Breault Pyxis Technologies
  24. André de Santi Oliveira iWeb
  25. Michel Parisien, Benchmark Consulting
  26. Xavier Jodoin 360 Innovations
  27. Christian Nadeau 360 Innovations
  28. Danhui You, Compuware
  29. Alioune BA, Equisoft
  30. Regent L'Archeveque, Canadian Space Agency / Agence spatiale canadienne
  31. Pierre Allard, Canadian Space Agency / Agence spatiale canadienne
  32. Sebastien Gemme, Canadian Space Agency / Agence spatiale canadienne
  33. Francois Chouinard, Ericsson
  34. Clément Tamisier
  35. Martin Filteau, Octasic Inc.
  36. Etienne Bergeron, Octasic Inc.
  37. Philippe Lavoie, Octasic Inc.
  38. Marianne Mailhot-Sarrasin, Octasic Inc.
  39. Etienne Morency
  40. Jacques Bouthillier, Ericsson
  41. Nicolas Arvinte
  42. Olivier Thomann, [1].
  43. Bernd Hufmann, Ericsson
  44. Matthew Khouzam, Ecole Polytechnique de MontrealEricsson.
  45. Nathaniel Mercure

(Limited to 45 for space reason)

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