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Eclipse DemoCamps Indigo 2011/Hamburg

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


HHLA, Bei St. Annen 1, 20457 Hamburg (Speicherstadt)

Eclipse-demo-camp-hamburg-06-2011-room.jpg Eclipse-demo-camp-hamburg-06-2011-building.jpg

Date and Time

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

18:00 - Meet & Greet

18:30 - Demo Sessions begin


This Demo Camp will be sponsored by itemis AG, Eclipse strategic member and the leading company for model-driven software development.

Itemis pos-2.JPG

and VMware. The location is sponsored by HHLA.

If your company is willing to co-sponsor this event, please contact Peter Friese.


Peter Friese, itemis AG

Martin Lippert, SpringSource - a division of VMware


  • 18:00 - 18:25: Meet & Greet
  • 18:25 - 18:30: Welcome (Martin & Peter / HHLA)
  • 18:30 - 18:50: Eclipse Orion Demo (Mike Milinkovich)
  • 18:55 - 19:15: CDO 3D (Eike Stepper)
  • 19:20 - 19:40: Eclipse Xtext 2.0 Demo (Sven Efftinge)
  • 19:40 - 20:00: Break
  • 20:00 - 20:20: Enterprise application deployment with p2 (Thomas Kratz)
  • 20:25 - 20:55: Functional testing for Eclipse with Jubula (Hans-Joachim Brede & Markus Tiede)
  • 21:00 - 21:20: CSS Styling for Eclipse RCP 3.x and 4.x (Kai Tödter)
  • 21:25 - 21:45 - (canceled: unfortunately, Ekke will not be able to join us) EclipseRT (Equinox OSGI, Jetty,...) as Push- and Contentserver for mobile Clients (BlackBerry, iOS, Android) (ekke (ekkehard gentz))

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. You need to have an Eclipse Bugzilla account to do so. Signing up is really easy and not only gives you the chance to attend Eclipse DemoCamps, but also gives you the sweet fuzzy feeling of being able to file Eclipse bugs! Come on, give it a try - we know you can do it!

  1. Peter Friese, itemis AG
  2. Martin Lippert, SpringSource - a division of vmware
  3. Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
  4. Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation
  5. Heiko Behrens, itemis mobile
  6. Sven Efftinge, itemis / Xtext
  7. Holger Schill, itemis
  8. Thomas Kratz, Eiswind Software
  9. Andreas Lenz, Accenture Technology Solutions GmbH
  10. Michael Rieck, Viconnis
  11. Frank Gasdorf, Plath GmbH
  12. Jan Köhnlein, itemis / Xtext
  13. Wolfgang Strunk, Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH
  14. Christian Rataj-Weinreben, Suzlon Energy GmbH
  15. Maik Teske, Suzlon Energy GmbH
  16. Steffen Dummann, Suzlon Energy GmbH
  17. Kai Tödter, Siemens Corporate Technology
  18. Thomas Langer, comdirect Bank AG
  19. Markus Herzog, comdirect Bank AG
  20. Frank Schröder, Acando
  21. Kai-Peter Schmidt, comdirect Bank AG
  22. Nils Hartmann
  23. Philip Wenig, OpenChrom
  24. Hans-J. Brede, BREDEX GmbH
  25. Markus Tiede, BREDEX GmbH
  26. Asaf Ikram, itemis
  27. Christoph Kulla
  28. Andres Koetter, comdirect Bank AG
  29. Fabian Linz, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG
  30. Björn Kimminich, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG
  31. Pascal Alich, Zühlke Engineering GmbH
  32. Stephan Freund, comdirect Bank AG
  33. Steffen Dummann, Suzlon Energy GmbH
  34. Jan Ortmann, Mondula
  35. Christian Hempe, Consist Software Solutions GmbH
  36. Robin L'hoest, [1]
  37. Thomas App, HHLA
  38. Florian Laabs, HHLA
  39. Witold Rojek, HHLA
  40. Jörg Groß
  41. Florian Quadt, Student
  42. Ingo Meyer
  43. Daniel Dietrich, HSH Nordbank AG
  44. Christian Hager, tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG
  45. Joerg Koschitzki, Arvator Mobile
  46. Erdal Karaca, Premium Aerotec GmbH
  47. Oliver Libutzki, b+m Informatik AG
  48. Sebastian Fincke, tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG
  49. Christian Lappe, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG
  50. Pavel Miller
  51. Gregor Pardon, Sartorius Mechatronics T&H GmbH
  52. Sven von Pluto, ConceptPeople consulting gmbh
  53. Florian Trösch, ConceptPeople consulting gmbh
  54. Gunnar Morling
  55. Nico Alpert, ConceptPeople consulting gmbh
  56. Reza Nazarian, Acando GmbH
  57. Stefan Wichmann
  58. Jens Theeß, subshell
  59. Sven Hoffmann, subshell
  60. Simon Boese, subshell
  61. Jan Becker, subshell
  62. Hendrik Thieß, Bigpoint GmbH
  63. Jan Mankopf, Bigpoint GmbH
  64. Marco Geweke, Bigpoint GmbH
  65. Ingmar Derks, Bigpoint GmbH
  66. Jörg Thielke, Bigpoint GmbH
  67. Michael Gruczel, ConceptPeople consulting gmbh
  68. Christoph Gapp
  69. Alexander Njemz, Mondula
  70. Kathleen Kühmel, DAKOSY AG
  71. Stephan Heffner, DER SPIEGEL
  72. Sebastian Mäder, Kuehne + Nagel
  73. Malte Biss, Kuehne + Nagel
  74. Dirk Steffens, Open-Doc
  75. Daria Lotter
  76. Frank Schlüter
  77. Alexander Holbreich, Lufthansa Systems AG
  78. Moujahed Khouja, Logica
  79. Ilker Daricili, Blue Carat AG
  80. Nilgün Özek, HHLA
  81. Roman Kostromin, Lufthansa Systems
  82. Hayo Schmidt, Logica
  83. Eike Stepper
  84. Dalibor Topic, Oracle
  85. Michael Plate, Lufthansa Systems
  86. Sergius Mohr
  87. Florian Grothe
  88. Jörg Harm, akquinet engineering GmbH
  89. Markus Nicks, E.ON IT GmbH
  90. Olaf Kaus, E.ON IT GmbH
  91. Johannes Hamel, E.ON IT GmbH
  92. Harald Albers, HS - Hamburger Software
  93. Benjamin Stark, TK
  94. Nils Israel, AGRO International GmbH & Co. KG
  95. Gabi Heimann, akquinet engineering GmbH
  96. Sven Offermann, Kurtius Looft Mediadesign GmbH
  97. Stefan M. Heldt, Holisticon AG
  98. Wolfgang Neuhaus, itemis AG
  99. Koray Bayraktar, akquinet engineering GmbH
  100. Karsten Panier, Signal Iduna
  101. Uwe Sauerbrei, emmert CONSULTING + partner,JUG-Ostfalen
  102. Orhan Polat, akquinet engineering GmbH
  103. Matthias Holsten, Signal Iduna
  104. Ralf Ebert
  105. Hilger Steenblock, BTC Embedded Systems AG
  106. Horst Laubenthal, Voltwerk
  107. Olaf Lange, akquinet engineering GmbH
  108. Andre Palubitzki,
  109. Axel Wienberg, CoreMedia AG
  110. Michael Schumacher TK
  111. Birgit Stawitzki TK
  112. Falk Pappert
  113. Evangelos Angelidis, TU Dresden
  114. Pascal Weyprecht, TU Dresden
  115. Ingo Mahnke
  116. Robert von Massow, Universität Kiel
  117. Andreas von Benten Entitec AG
  118. End of list

Waiting List

We're happy to see so many of you are interested in joining us - however, the room only holds about 100 persons. If you are interested in attending the DemoCamp, please add yourself to the waiting list so we can notify in case other attendees cancel their attendance. Please don't forget to add your e-mail address (or Xing profile) so we can contact you.

  1. Oliver Ochs, Holisticon AG
  2. Tjeerd Verhagen
  3. Jörg Rade Kuehne+Nagel
  4. Rias A. Sherzad, [Self-employed]

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