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Eclipse DemoCamps Indigo 2011/Athlone

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


OSS Demo Room, Ericsson Software Campus, Cornamaddy, Athlone

Date and Time

July 7, 2011, 14:00




Who Attended

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  1. Pawel Pogorzelski
  2. Tomasz Zarna (IBM)
  3. Ramin Assisi (Ericsson)
  4. Martin Naughton (Ericsson)
  5. Peter Loane (Ericsson)
  6. Atin Kohli (Wipro Technologies)
  7. David O'Shaughnessy (Ericsson)
  8. Gowind Agraval (Wipro Technologies)
  9. Hari Panati (Wipro Technologies)
  10. Marting Geary (Ericsson)
  11. Oisin Friel (Ericsson)
  12. Kamil Demecki (TRG)
  13. Cezary Lossy (TRG)

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