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# Emanual Ilunga
# Emanual Ilunga
# James Lo [ UBC]
# James Lo [ UBC]
# John Vanspronssen, [ MDA]
# Nathan Aldridge, [ MDA]
# Nathan Aldridge, [ MDA]
# Adrian de Silva
# Adrian de Silva

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Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


UBC Robson Square, Room C100 (after party at the Lennox Pub)

Date and Time

June 29, 2010
6:30pm-8:00pm (Demo Camp)
8:00pm-late (Pub)


  • Robert Elves begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Tasktop (email: robert.elves at
  • Andrew Eisenberg, SpringSource (email andrew.eisenberg at
  • Dominika Lacka, Tasktop (email: dominika.lacka at


This year, the Eclipse Demo Camp is being sponsored by:


Talks will be 8 minutes long:

  1. Mik Kersten, Tasktop, Welcome and Eclipse Ecosystem Overview
  2. Kris De Volder, SpringSource, AspectJ and AJDT
  3. Emerson Murphy-Hill, UBC, How Are People Using Eclipse?
  4. David Dossot, MuleSoft, MuleSoft Tool Suite
  5. Alex Bradley, UBC, Source Code History at Your Fingertips
  6. Nieraj Sing, SpringSource, Groovy and Grails Support in the SpringSource Tool Suite
  7. Luke Evans, Open Quark and the CAL programming language
  8. Bjorn Gustafsson, ProjectKoach brings agile planning into Eclipse

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to the organizers.

  1. Andrew Eisenberg, SpringSource
  2. Mik Kersten, Tasktop
  3. David Dossot, MuleSoft
  4. Robin Salkeld, SAP / UBC
  5. David Green, Tasktop
  6. Emerson Murphy-Hill, UBC
  7. Alex Bradley, UBC
  8. Bjorn Gustafsson, GOOD Software Inc
  9. Dominika Lacka, Tasktop
  10. Nieraj Sing, SpringSource
  11. Luke Evans, Open Quark
  12. Rex Alemi
  13. Andy Clement, SpringSource
  14. Kris De Volder, SpringSource
  15. A Mulekar UBC
  16. Paul Holden Fortinet Technologies
  17. Emanual Ilunga
  18. James Lo UBC
  19. Nathan Aldridge, MDA
  20. Adrian de Silva
  21. Nitin Cunha
  22. Shaohui Liu (HSBC)
  23. Juergen Klein
  24. Mark C Liu
  25. Lois Patterson
  26. Steffen Pingel, Tasktop
  27. Wesley Coelho, Tasktop
  28. Thomas Ehrnhoefer, Tasktop
  29. Shawn Minto, Tasktop
  30. Kris Peterson
  31. Ali Tavanayan, Tavanayan
  32. Owen Ou, Elastic Path
  33. Torben Giesselmann Elastic Path
  34. Ivan Jensen Elastic Path
  35. Dheeraj Kumar Singh , UBC
  36. Peter Selby, UBC

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