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*Location: [ Inter Expo Center] (Vitosha hall), 147 "Tzarigradsko Chaussee" Blvd. <br> How to get there? ([ in Bulgarian]) ([ in English])
*Location: [ Inter Expo Center] (Vitosha hall), 147 "Tzarigradsko Chaussee" Blvd. <br> How to get there? ([ in Bulgarian]) ([ in English])
=== Photos ===
Photo gallery is available on [ Flickr] ([ slideshow])
=== Feedback ===
=== Feedback ===

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Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

Location and Date

  • Date: June 3rd, 2010
  • Time: 10:00-19:00 (Registration starts at 9:00)


Photo gallery is available on Flickr (slideshow)




Time Session Speaker
9:00 - 10:00 Registration
10:00 - 10:15 Welcome
10:15 - 11:15 Keynote Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation
11:15 - 12:15 Enterprise Perspective on Eclipse Krasimir Semerdzhiev, SAP Labs Bulgaria

Chris Frost, SpringSource UK, a division of VMware Inc.

12:15 - 13:20 Lunch Break
13:20 - 15:00 First Demo Panel
(1) E4 - The next generation of the Eclipse Platform Dinko Ivanov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
(2) Swordfish - OSGI based ESB Runtime Angel Tcholtchev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
(3) demo Silvije Horvat, IBM CEE
(4) Rational Team Concert demo Silvije Horvat, IBM CEE
(5) Virgo server, building modular applications Chris Frost, SpringSource UK, a division of VMware Inc.
15:00 - 15:20 Coffee Break
15:20 - 17:00 Second Demo Panel
(6) Eclipse Plug-ins as Rich Internet Applications (RAP) Emil Simeonov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
(7) Rational Requirements Composer + RTC demo Silvije Horvat, IBM CEE
(8) Source code security testing within Eclipse using AppScan Source Code demo Silvije Horvat, IBM CEE
(9) Service Interface & Data Types Editors Georgi Konstantinov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
(10) Xtext - How Domain Specific Languages naturally fit on top of Modeling Kiril Mitov, Robopartans
17:00 - 17:10 Demo Voting
17:10 - 17:30 Closing
17:30 - 19:00 Cocktail


See the Bulgarian Eclipse Community wiki page for related activities.

Mailing Lists

There are two public mailing list available for the Bulgarian Eclipse Community:


Eclipse logo.png Sap logo.png
Eclipse Foundation SAP Labs Bulgaria

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company (if you are employed) to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to

  1. Kaloyan Raev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  2. Dinko Ivanov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  3. Georgi Gerginov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  4. Radoslav Nikolov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  5. Radoslav Gerganov, VMware
  6. Anatoliy Dilov
  7. Tanyu Trifonov, Software AG
  8. Valentin Nikolov, Software AG
  9. Nenko Tabakov, Software AG
  10. Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
  11. Stoyan Dimitrov
  12. Denislav Naidenov
  13. Kiril Mitov, Robopartans
  14. Georgi Sabev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  15. Kiril Gavrailov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  16. Elena Tachkova, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  17. Simeon Stefanov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  18. Nikolay Nikolov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  19. Iliyan Dimov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  20. Krum Bakalsky, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  21. Stefan Dimov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  22. Yavor Boyadzhiev, SBND Technologies
  23. Emil Simeonov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  24. Biser Tzvetkov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  25. Ivan Stamenov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  26. Irena Stambolieva, VMware Inc. Bulgaria
  27. Alexander Monev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  28. Georgi Konstantinov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  29. Ivan St. Ivanov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  30. Pavel Cheshmedjiev, Sirma ITT
  31. Dimitar Kanev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  32. Alexander Kurtakov, Red Hat Inc.
  33. Boris Dushanov, Seeburger
  34. Lubomir Chorbadjiev, Setelis
  35. Georgi Darakiev
  36. Ivan Rangelov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  37. Vesela Polihronova, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  38. Chris Frost, SpringSource UK, a division of VMware Inc.
  39. Ventsislav Chochev, IDxS EU
  40. Stefan Buynov, Bianor
  41. Zhivko Mitrev, Bianor
  42. Maria Uzunova, Bianor
  43. Valentin Aitken
  44. Dragomir Nikolov, Software AG
  45. Ivo Penev, IBM Bulgaria
  46. Silvije Horvat, IBM CEE
  47. Peter Kazakov, Strypes
  48. Vladimir Aleksiev
  49. Dako Dakov, Software AG
  50. Nikolay Ivanchev
  51. Vladimir Pavlov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  52. Petar Petrov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  53. Tanya Stoyanova, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  54. Diyan Yordanov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  55. Stefan Petrov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  56. Apostol Terziev, MB Bulgaria
  57. Rossitsa Borissova, MB Bulgaria
  58. Kristiyan Marinov
  59. Krasimir Goutcev, Index - Bulgaria Ltd
  60. Danail Nachev, ProSyst
  61. Bistra Yakimova, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  62. Mariana Valeva, VMware
  63. Maria Yunakova, Axway
  64. Boyan Bonev, Playtech
  65. Radoslav Asenov
  66. Leni Kirilov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  67. Kiril Arabadzhiyski, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  68. Radoslav Ivanov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  69. Andrey Totev, Axway
  70. Ekaterina Anachkova, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  71. Violeta Georgieva, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  72. Boris Savov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  73. Alexander Silgidjian, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  74. Dimitar Georgiev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  75. Vesselin Russinov
  76. Emil Gotsev, TUES
  77. Diman Karagyozov, Tetracom Interactive Solutions
  78. Radostin Surilov, Tetracom Interactive Solutions
  79. Vassil Shulev, Index - Bulgaria Ltd
  80. Alexander Alexandrov, Vivasoft Bulgaria
  81. Pavel Valchev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  82. Georgi D. Georgiev, Proxiad Bulgaria
  83. Stela Ilieva, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  84. Stavros Kounis SciGen Technologies
  85. Evangelos Karageorgos SciGen Technologies
  86. Krasimir Semerdzhiev SAP Labs Bulgaria
  87. Sakis Kotisis SciGen Technologies
  88. Stefanos Manolakis SciGen Technologies
  89. Nevena Manova, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  90. Maria Mateva
  91. Atanas Boikliev
  92. Nikolai Angelov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  93. Jasen Minov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  94. Nikolay Nikolov
  95. Dimitar Dimitrov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  96. Nikolay Alexiev, GoPro
  97. Trayan Iliev, IPT - Intellectual Products & Technologies
  98. Miloslava Teneva, QuickStart
  99. Evgeni Grigorov, ProSyst
  100. Dimitar Giormov, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  101. Dimo Stoilov,  SAP Labs Bulgaria
  102. Peter Peshev SAP Labs Bulgaria
  103. Boyka Petkova, IBM Bulgaria
  104. Deyan Dichev, Nemetschek Bulgaria
  105. Hristo Rasin, Acsior LTD
  106. Hristo Savov, Nemetschek Bulgaria
  107. Georgi Gachev, Nemetschek Bulgaria
  108. Stefan Kovachev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  109. Petya Sabeva, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  110. Diyan Gochev, SAP Labs Bulgaria
  111. Todor Jelev
  112. Orlin Genchev, Libra Software
  113. Stefka Kanova, Nemetschek Bulgaria
  114. Desislava Ivanova, Nemetschek Bulgaria
  115. Daniel Shaprin TUES
  116. Svetoslav Kapralov, GoPro

Past DemoCamps in Sofia

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