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Eclipse DemoCamps Helios 2010/Nieuwegein

Invitation.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Industrial-TSI / Remain Software
Dukatenburg 82b
3437 AE Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 6005010

Date and Time

Wednesday June 23. Starts @ 6pm, ends @ 10.30pm


Yuri Kok, Industrial TSI
Wim Jongman, Remain Software


If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please feel free to add your name and topic to the list. If you don't have a Eclipse Bugzilla account you can send an email to democamp(MONKEYTAIL) to register. Registration is mandatory for Presenters and Participants. This is your chance to meet up with Eclipse enthusiastics from the Benelux area. Food & Beverages are provided during and after the demo's (small meal between 19:30-20:15). This cool event is free of costs.

  1. KEYNOTE: Wim Jongman, Helios & OSGi Remote Services (18:30-19:00)
  2. Olivier Wolf, "Eclipse Swordfish -- Service-oriented software development made easy" (19:05-19:25)
  3. Drinks and slices (19:30-20:15)
  4. Jelle Herold, Stream BV - Statebox & Typewriter (with Drupal integration) (20:20-20:40)
  5. Olivier Wolf, "SOA at Eclipse -- the Eclipse SOA Initiative" (20:45-21:05)
  6. Ief Cuynen and Tom Bauwens, SmartApps - Single-sourcing demo Eclipse RCP / RAP (As seen on YouTube) (21:10-21:30)
  7. Doru Gardan, ST-Ericsson - "Hardware debugging on a Digital Signal Processor". (21:35-21:55)
  8. More drinks...

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to democamp(AT)

  1. Yuri Kok, Industrial TSI
  2. Marco Kok, Industrial TSI & Remain Software
  3. Wim Jongman, Industrial TSI & Remain Software
  4. Walter Ridderhof, Industrial TSI & Remain Software
  5. Roald Hopman, Industrial TSI
  6. Said Taaouati, Remain Software
  7. Wing Yu Chong, Remain Software
  8. Martijn Cremer, SmartApps
  9. Ief Cuynen, SmartApps
  10. Tom Bauwens, SmartApps
  11. Jeroen Griffioen, O2U
  12. Vincent Hageman, Remain Software
  13. Ron Kersic, Mirabeau
  14. Carel Bast, Modeling Value Group
  15. Tom Brus, Modeling Value Group
  16. Arco Oost, Capgemini
  17. Maarten Meijer, Eclipse RCP trainer & consultant
  18. Vincent Kappert, Capgemini
  19. Christophe Bouhier, NetXForge
  20. Oliver Wolf, Chief Architect @ SOPERA
  21. Marcel Grauwen, GloMidCo
  22. Niek Linnenbank, Industrial TSI
  23. Olaf Vogelbusch, V O G E L B U S C H GmbH
  24. Thomas Raddatz
  26. Frank Lambour, Talend
  27. Martin Taal, Springsite/EMF Teneo-Texo-CDO
  28. Jeroen Lankheet, Loxia
  29. Gerry Both, HiPeS
  30. Joris Spekreijse
  31. Achmed Aadel, Remain Software
  32. Doru Gardan, ST-Ericsson
  33. Jaap van Otterdijk, ST-Ericsson
  34. Jim van Dam, HiPeS
  35. Frank Cornelissen, linkedin
  36. Meron Brouwer, Edmond Document Solutions
  37. Piet Koopmans, Edmond Document Solutions
  38. Manuel Polling, Edmond Document Solutions
  39. Tony Thijs, OMF
  40. Rinse Lemstra, XSO
  41. Olaf van der Meer, XSO
  42. Jan van der Ven, Magion
  43. Roger de Graaf, Antonius Ziekenhuis
  44. Vahid Vafaei, Remain Software
  45. Jelle Herold, Stream BV
  46. Sebastiaan Blommers, Stream BV
  47. Merlijn van Ittersen, Stream BV
  48. Bjorn Niels, TriOpSys B.V.
  49. Irmin Auwerda, Pharmapartners

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