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(Time and Date)
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Zend Technologies (<br>
Zend Technologies (<br>
12 Abba Hillel St.<br>
12 Abba Hillel St.<br>
Ayalon Building, 7th Floor<br>
Ramat Gan, Israel 52506<br>
Ramat Gan, Israel 52506<br>
[,+ramat+gan,+israel&sll=31.046051,34.851612&sspn=6.436208,9.887695&ie=UTF8&z=16&g=12+abba+hillel,+ramat+gan,+israel&iwloc=addr Google Map]
[,+ramat+gan,+israel&sll=31.046051,34.851612&sspn=6.436208,9.887695&ie=UTF8&z=16&g=12+abba+hillel,+ramat+gan,+israel&iwloc=addr Google Map]

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Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Zend Technologies (
12 Abba Hillel St.
Ayalon Building, 7th Floor
Ramat Gan, Israel 52506

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Time and Date

June 25th, 17:20


Roy Ganor, Zend Technologies


17:20-17:30 - Gathering
17:30-17:45 - Welcome and Opening Remarks - Eclipse Roy Ganor, Zend Technologies
17:45-18:15 - Eclipse 3.5 Hidden Treasure & Code exploration Zviki Cohen, nWire Software
18:15-18:45 - What made eclipse successful?, OSGI using Equinox, GEF and EMF Lior Kanfi, Tikal
18:45-19:00 - Break
19:00-19:30 - A crash course on Eclipse plugin development Liran Zelkha, Aluna
19:30-19:45 - UI Test Automation for Eclipse-based Products Gadi Goldbarg, Zend Technologies
19:45-20:00 - Take control of your software with Pulse Zviki Cohen, nWire Software

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. We'd like to see as many people show up as possible. Please register even if your attendance is tentative (add a question mark in that case)

  1. Roy Ganor, Zend Technologies
  2. Zviki Cohen, nWire Software
  3. Seva Lapsha, Nielsen Online
  4. Gadi Goldbarg , Zend Technologies
  5. Michael Spector, Zend Technologies
  6. Lior Sion, IBM
  7. Michael Elman, HP
  8. Oleg Tikhonov, IBM
  9. Jonathan Goldstein, Precise (?)
  10. Omer Gartzman (?)
  11. Yoel Pinhas (?)
  12. V.Z. Bunich , Aluna (?)
  13. Liran Zelkha , Aluna
  14. Arik Shifer(?)
  15. Snitkovsky Martin, HP (?)
  16. Yam Shal-Bar, RadView (?)
  17. Shay Moshe, RadView
  18. Alex Romanov, Boxee
  19. Arik Levin Tikal
  20. Natan Fastovsky Tikal
  21. Keren Finkelstein Tikal
  22. Shachar Ben-Zeev Tikal
  23. Itai Or Tikal
  24. Vadim Punski, Zend Technologies
  25. Avihay Tsayeg, FIS Software (?)
  26. Ziv Ish-Shalom, FTS
  27. Avraham Rosenzweig, Retalix (?)
  28. Hanoch shayevitz
  29. Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets

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