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# Sreenivas Sigharam,JDA Software India Pvt. Ltd
# Sreenivas Sigharam,JDA Software India Pvt. Ltd
# Prasad Kumbhare, Progress Software
# Prasad Kumbhare, Progress Software
# Prathima Dronadula,JDA Software India Pvt. Ltd.
# Khaja Ameenuddin,Vertex Coputer Services
# Raghu Kishore, Ivy Comptech
# DivyaTheja, Progress Software
# Lavanya Konda, Progress Software
# Kotla Naveen Kumar, Honeywell
=== Organizer ===
=== Organizer ===

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Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

About the Event

The Eclipse DemoCamps are an opportunity to showcase all of the cool interesting technology being built by the Eclipse community. The focus of this demo camp will be on the new release of Eclipse- Galileo. There will be presentations on a few interesting projects and demos of Eclipse based products. The event will conclude with a networking of the Eclipse developers’ community in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad edition of the worldwide series of democamps is being organized with support from Hysea.


7th Floor conference hall, iLabs, Madhapur, Hyderabad

Date and Time

26th June 09, 17:30


If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please feel free to add your name and topic to the list. Depending on the number of people interested we may have to limit the number of presenters and time of each demo.

1)Keynote session: The Eclipse ecosystem- Reflections on the innovations enabled and impact created by Eclipse By Ramesh L - representative from Hysea

2)Whats new in Galileo- an overview

3)Significant projects in Galileo:

    Eclipse Persistence Services Project
    Eclipse Communication Framework

4)Other Eclipse projects

     Challenges in Eclipse UI test automation- Dinesh Reddy
     WTP- AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF)
     WTP incubator projects- an overview

5)Demos of Eclipse based products out of Hyderabad

     Fuse Integration Designer - Progress
     Smart regression testing using Pathfinder - G. Niranjan, CORDYS

Please note that the above topics are subject to availability of speakers- this schedule may change without notice.

To Register

If you plan on attending please add your name to the list below. Note that this requires a bugzilla id. Alternatively, you can send a mail with your particulars to in the following format:

Copy paste this in the subject line: "Eclipse Demo camp 2009 - Galileo Edition". Please note that number of seats are limited. If you plan on attending, please register in advance.

In the body: Your name

Name of the company you work for

If you could also indicate what topics you would be interested in, it would be really helpful- you can choose from any of the topics listed above or specify your own.

  1. Sudhan Uma, Progress Software, Galileo
  2. Ganesh Cherivirala, Progress Software
  3. Pratik Agrawal, Progress Software
  4. Srinivas Munigala, Progress Software
  5. SaiRam Tilak, Progress Software
  6. Surendra Chebrolu, Lango Global Systems
  7. Vardhan Varma ,
  8. Rajasekhar, JDA Software India Pvt Ltd,
  9. Praveen Sarigala, JDA Software India Pvt Ltd.,
  10. Prasanth. N, Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF)
  11. Akbar Pasha Syed, Progress Software
  12. Subodh Gupta, Progress Software
  13. Jagadeeshwar.V, Progress Software
  14. Nawaz Ahmed , Progress Software
  15. Harshal D Rokade, CMC Ltd.,
  16. V Venkatesh, Progress Software
  17. Suresh Inavolu, Progress Software
  18. Gururaj Naik, Honeywell
  19. Sumitra Suha, JDA Software India Pvt Ltd.,
  20. R Suresh Kumar, CMC Ltd,
  21. Jagan Amara, JDA Software,
  22. Madavan Govindasamy, United Online Services,
  23. Sarath Babu, JDA Software,
  24. Tejash Shah, Progress Software,
  25. Pushpa Chigurupati, JDA Software,
  26. Ravi Kiran, JDA Software,
  27. Ankush Gorav, JDA Software,
  28. Murali Krishna. Konda, Reflection Technologies
  29. Woonna Santosh Kumar, United Online Services
  30. Jeevan Kumar Chamarthi, United Online Services
  31. Ramesh Kumar Sivva, JDA Software,
  32. Kothur Anirudh Reddy, JDA Software
  33. N S Bharath, JDA Software
  34. Anurag.V, Student
  35. N.ASHWINI, JDA Software
  36. Srinivas Kola , JDA Software
  37. Kiran Kumar Yeruva, JDA Software
  38. Soujanya Ravipati,TCS
  39. Srinivas G, Tata Consultancy Services.
  40. Soujanya Ravipati, Tata Consultancy Services
  41. Prasanthi Sekharamanthri,Reflection Technologies
  42. Tejas Varma, Ivy comptech
  43. Sreenivas Sigharam,JDA Software India Pvt. Ltd
  44. Prasad Kumbhare, Progress Software
  45. Prathima Dronadula,JDA Software India Pvt. Ltd.
  46. Khaja Ameenuddin,Vertex Coputer Services
  47. Raghu Kishore, Ivy Comptech
  48. DivyaTheja, Progress Software
  49. Lavanya Konda, Progress Software
  50. Kotla Naveen Kumar, Honeywell


Sponsored by

Progress Software Prgs.JPG

Supported by (a part of Hysea Hysea.JPG )

For more info: mail: rlakshmi at

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