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# Dag Rende, FindOut
# Dag Rende, FindOut
# Martin Linblad, FindOut
# Martin Linblad, FindOut
# Fredrik Attebrant, IBM

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Welcome to the Stockholm Demo Camp (and Swedish Eclipse User Group meeting) on June 17, 16:00-18:00 at Cinnober Financials, Kunsgatan 26, Stockholm.


If you plan to attend, you can list yourself here, or post a note in the Swedish user group forum (

  1. Henrik Lindberg, Cloudsmith
  2. Peer Törngren, Cognos
  3. Peter Blomberg, Cinnober
  4. Marcus
  5. Lars Millberg
  6. Reibert Arbing, Ericsson
  7. Mattias
  8. Dag Rende, FindOut
  9. Martin Linblad, FindOut
  10. Fredrik Attebrant, IBM

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