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# Lars Millberg
# Lars Millberg
# Reibert Arbing, Ericsson
# Reibert Arbing, Ericsson
# Dag Rende, FindOut

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Welcome to the Stockholm Demo Camp (and Swedish Eclipse User Group meeting) on June 17, 16:00-18:00 at Cinnober Financials, Kunsgatan 26, Stockholm.


If you plan to attend, you can list yourself here, or post a note in the Swedish user group forum (

  1. Henrik Lindberg, Cloudsmith
  2. Peer Törngren, Cognos
  3. Peter Blomberg, Cinnober
  4. Marcus Medlem
  5. Lars Millberg
  6. Reibert Arbing, Ericsson
  7. Dag Rende, FindOut

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