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Eclipse DemoCamps 2008 - Ganymede Edition/Hyderabad

Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp? Eclipse Ganymede DemoCamp- as part of world-wide series of camps, to highlight the new features of the 3.4 release

About the Event

Eclipse is releasing version 3.4 (Ganymede) on 25th June 2008. To mark the occasion, the Eclipse foundation is organizing a series of Democamps around the world. The Hyderabad edition is organized by hyd-eclipse.org (a Hysea initiative). We will discuss the new features and projects in the Ganymede release, and also present a few case studies of some interesting usecases of Eclipse. The event will conclude with a networking of the Eclipse developers’ community in Hyderabad.


Anjuman C Conference hall, Taj Banjara, Hyderabad,

Date and Time

25th June 2008, 6pm to 9 pm

Organized by hyd-eclipse.org (a Hysea initiative)[1]

Co-sponsored by Progress Software [2]


5:45 Registration
5:55 Welcome Address by Sachin Hejip, Progress Software
6:00 Whats new in Ganymede, Kiran Kumar, Progress Software
6:20 WTP new features, Saurav, Pramati Technologies
6:45 BIRT- An introduction, Anand, Ancit Consulting
7:10 Mylyn, Presenter<TBD>, Company<TBD>
7:40 Xpand demo - life beyond JETs, Ravi Sankar, Progress Software
7:55 Closing Comments by Hysea
8:00 Cocktails and social
Cells left-aligned, table centered
Name Company Position
Anup Khalbalia shankar.rao@3i-infotech.com Senior Software Eng
Nishu soni nishu.soni@3i-infotech.com Software Developer
Sudhir Reddy sudhir.reddy@3i-infotech.com] Software Developer
Varun Seth varun.seth@3i-infotech.com] Software Developer
Amarnath Nalumachu Amarnath_Nalumachu@adp.com Consultant
Madhuraj Vaman Madhuraj_Vaman@adp.com Consultant
Vijayakumar Rani vijayakumar_rani@adp.com SMT
Amit Singh amit.singh2241@gmail.com Technical Lead
Hari Babu haribabu2006@gmail.com Software Engineer
Keya Nema keya.nema@gmail.com Software Engineer
Saurabh Verma saurabh.verma@azingo.com Domain Lead
Chandra Shekar pcsreddy@cmcltd.com Software Developer
Kiran Kumar kirankumar.donthula@cmcltd.com Software Developer
E Siva Ramakrishna esrk@cmcltd.com Software Developer
N.N.Murthy nn.murthy@cmcltd.com Software Developer
Anjana Devi anjana.mahen@gmail.com DBA
Rohit Maheshwari Rohit.Maheshwari@deshaw.com Software Developer
Ajay somani ajaysomani@students.iiit.ac.in Intern
Ankush Kalkote ankush@google.com Intern
Raghuram R V raghuram.iiit@gmail.com Student
Nitin Bansal nitin@students.iiit.ac.in Student
Nitin Gupta nitingupta@students.iiit.ac.in Student
Sambhav Jain sambhavjain@students.iiit.ac.in Student
Sivakumar Reddy gvsreddy@students.iiit.ac.in Student
K.S.V Sudher sudheer_KSV@studetns.iiit.ac.in Student
A Bharat Ram ambati@shudents.iiit.ac.in Student
Ganeshwara Rao grdulam@studetns.iiit.ac.in Student
Kulbir Saini kulbirsaini@students.iiit.ac.in Student
Sachin Goyal sachingoyal@students.iiit.ac.in Student
Phani Chaitanya srpchaitanya@students.iiit.ac.in Student
Samuel John john@students.iiit.ac.in Student
Suresh Ambarkar Suresh.Ambarkar@infor.com Software Engineer
Chappidi Balakrishna balakrishna.chappidi@infor.com Associate Software Eng
Guduru Thirupathi Reddy thirupathi.guduru@infor.com Associate Software Eng
Nagesh Chaluvadi nagesh.chaluvadi@infor.com Software Engineer
Neelapu Harichandra harichandra.neelapu@infor.com Software Engineer
Ramesh Pachunoori ramesh.pachunoori@infor.com Software Engineer
Satya Pandravada satya.pandravada@infor.com Senior Architect
Sreedhar Bollapinni Sreedhar.bollapinni@infor.com Software Engineer
Sridhar Reddygari sridhar.reddygari@infor.com Software Engineer
Srinivasa Doradla srinivasa.dorodla@infor.com Software Engineer
Vinodh Kumar Kamaraj vinodhkumar.kumara@infor.com Senior Architect
Kaniska Mandal kaniska@pramati.com Principal Engineer
Chandra chandrasekhar@pramati.com Senior Software Eng
Apurba apurba@pramati.com Product Dev. Engineer
Chandana Konda ckonda@progress.com Senior Software Eng
Harikrishna htirunag@progress.com QA Engineer
Hema Venkataraman hema@progress.com Senior QA Manager
Pradip Kumar prkumar@msexchange.progress.com Software Engineer
Swathy Nimbagiri swathy@progress.com Senior Test Engineer
Balachander B bab@progress.com Senior Software Eng
Snigdha Basak snigdha@progress.com Lead Principal Engineer
Sanjeev Kumar sanjeev@progress.com Senior Engineer
Karthik M karthik.m@sonata-software.com Consultant
Pradeep Katipamula pradeep.ka@sonata-software.com Systems Analyst
Satya Priya Spriyarajput@sumtotalsystems.com SDE-2
Venkatesh Dosapati venkat@translogicsys.com Architect
Sridhar Reddygari sridhar@TLS.co.in Senior Software Eng
Arun Kotagiri akotagiri@triniti.com MTS
Balakishna. R brenikindi@triniti.com MTS
Hari Krishna Bellam hbellam@triniti.com MTS
Vijay Kumar Gubbala vgubbala@triniti.com MTS
Shivendra Dayal sdayal@corp.untd.com Project Leader
Jeevan Kumar Chamarthi cjeevan@corp.untd.com Software Engineer
Santhosh kumar swoonna@corp.untd.com Software Engineer

List of available topics

  1. Mylyn
  2. IDE meta tooling
  3. New WTP features

If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please select a topic from the list of available topics above and mail sudhan at progress.com. Depending on the number of people interested we may have to limit the number of presenters and time of each demo.


hyd-eclipse.org (a part of Hysea Hysea.JPG ) is organizing the event

co-sponsored by

Progress Software Prgs.JPG
Pramati Pramati.gif

Sachin Hejip, Progress Software

Uma Sudhan P, Progress Software

For more info: mail: sudhan at progress.com