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Eclipse DemoCamps 2008 - Ganymede Edition/Hyderabad

Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp? Eclipse Ganymede DemoCamp- as part of world-wide series of camps, to highlight the new features of the 3.4 release

About the Event

Eclipse is releasing version 3.4 (Ganymede) on 25th June 2008. To mark the occasion, the Eclipse foundation is organizing a series of Democamps around the world. The Hyderabad edition is organized by (a Hysea initiative). We will discuss the new features and projects in the Ganymede release, and also present a few case studies of some interesting usecases of Eclipse. The event will conclude with a networking of the Eclipse developers’ community in Hyderabad.


Anjuman C Conference hall, Taj Banjara, Hyderabad,

Date and Time

25th June 2008, 6pm to 9 pm

Organized by (a Hysea initiative)[1]

Co-sponsored by Progress Software [2]


5:45 Registration
5:55 Welcome Address by Sachin Hejip, Progress Software
6:00 Whats new in Ganymede, Kiran Kumar, Progress Software
6:20 New Projects in 3.4, Presenter<TBD>, Pramati Technologies
6:45 BIRT- An introduction, Anand, Ancit Consulting
7:10 Mylyn, Presenter<TBD>, Company<TBD>
7:40 Xpand demo - life beyond JETs, Ravi Sankar, Progress Software
7:55 Closing Comments by Hysea
8:00 Cocktails and social

To Register

If you plan on attending please add your name to the list below. Note that this requires a bugzilla id. Alternatively, you can send a mail with your particulars to in the following format: Copy paste this in the subject line: "Eclipse Demo camp 2008 - Ganymede Edition"

In the body:

Your name

Name of the company you work for

We'd like to see as many people show up as possible. However as the number of seats is limited, we request you to register early to guarantee a place.

List of people currently registered

  1. Sachin Hejip, Progress Software India
  2. Uma Sudhan P, Progress Software
  3. Ramesh Loganathan, Progress Software
  4. Kiran Kumar, Progress Software
  5. Venkata Krishan, Vertex Offshore Services
  6. Khaja Ameenuddin, Vertex Offshore Services
  7. Mohammad Asif, Progress Software Development
  8. Uma Maheshwar Rao, Pramati Technologies
  9. Snigdha Basak, Progress Software
  10. Devesh singh, Progress Software
  11. Balachander B, Progress Software
  12. Srinivas Kola, JDA Software Services
  13. Navaprasad Reddy Maram, Virtusa
  14. Anand, Ancit Consulting
  15. Sachin Kumar A, Sonata Software Ltd
  16. Kishore Pudi,IIIT-(H)Student
  17. Abhilash I,IIIT-(H)Student
  18. Gopala Krishna koduri, IIIT (H)
  19. Sachin Goyal, IIIT (H)
  20. Jeevan Kumar Chamarthi,United Online Software Development
  21. Ananthula Ramesh Babu, United Online software Development
  22. Kulbir Saini, IIIT (H)
  23. Rakesh Bhaskurwar, United Online Software Development
  24. Maruti Borker, IIIT (H)
  25. Arjun Kumar Parsi, itDots Solutions
  26. Ramesh Ravva, itDots Solutions
  27. Vinodh Kumar Kamaraj, Infor Global Solutions
  28. Sridhar Reddygari, Infor Global Solutions
  29. Guduru Thirupathi Reddy, Infor Global Solutions
  30. Chappidi Balakrishna, Infor Global Solutions
  31. Neelapu Harichandra, Infor Global solutions
  32. Lalitha Maheswaran, Infor Global Solutions
  33. Naresh Bethi, Infor Global Solutions
  34. Nagesh Chaluvadi, Infor Global Solutions
  35. Srinivasa Doradla, Infor Global Solutions
  36. Satya Pandravada, Infor Global Solutions
  37. Ramesh Pachunoori, Infor Global Solutions
  38. Sreedhar Bollapinni,Infor Global Solutions
  39. Santhosh kumar, United Online Software Development
  40. Malladi Vamsi Krishna, United Online Software Development
  41. N.N.Murthy, CMC Limited
  42. D S V Krishna Rao, CMC Limited
  43. E Siva Ramakrishna, CMC Limited
  44. Seshu Sri Ponnapalli,CMC Limited
  45. Sri Harsha Koppella, Progress Software
  46. P Venkata Rajesh, Progress Software
  47. Sambhav Jain, IIIT (H)
  48. Ganesh Vinay Kumar, DELL IT
  49. Pavan Kumar Chaitanya, DELL
  50. Suresh Inavolu, Progress Software
  51. Madhu Megala, Vertex Offshore Services
  52. Siva Gangadhar, Virtusa
  53. Sampath Kumar, ComakelT
  54. Nitin Gupta, IITT (H)
  55. Nitin Bansal, IIIT (H)
  56. Ajay somani, Google
  57. Ajay Kumar Adusumilli, Progress Software
  58. Jinesh K J, IIIT (H)
  59. Vamsi Madhan Kurukuri, CoMakeIT
  60. Rajesh Onathara, CoMakeIT
  61. Phani Kumar Kavuri, Progress Software
  62. Ravi Sankar, Progress Software
  63. Vipin Sharma, Insideview Technologies
  64. Karthik M, Sonata Software
  65. Satya Priya, Sumtotal Systems
  66. Surekha Inavolu, Motorola India Pvt Ltd.,
  67. Kiran Kumar, CMC Centre
  68. Chandra Shekar, CMC Centre
  69. Sivakumar Reddy, IIIT
  70. Ankush Kalkote, Google India
  71. Hari Krishna Bellam, Triniti Advanced Software Labs
  72. Vijay Kumar Gubbala, Triniti Advanced Software Labs
  73. Shivendra Dayal, United Online India Development Pvt Ltd.,
  74. Balakishna. R, Triniti Advanced Software Labs
  75. Pankaj Kumar,
  76. Arun Kotagiri, Triniti Advanced software Labs
  77. Rohat Maheshwari, DE Shaw India Pvt Ltd.,
  78. Pradip Kumar, Progress software
  79. Suchita kumari,Progress Software
  80. Sachethan G Reddy, Triniti Advanced Software Labs
  81. Chandana Konda, Progress Software
  82. Valakonda Venkatesh, Progress software
  83. Narayana Aroori, Zveego
  84. Samuel John
  85. Prudhvi Vatala
  86. K.Pradeep Reddy
  87. Himank Sharma Microsoft
  88. Aditya Agrawal Microsoft
  89. Vidyadhar
  90. Sudheer KSV

List of available topics

  1. Mylyn
  2. IDE meta tooling
  3. New WTP features

If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please select a topic from the list of available topics above and mail sudhan at Depending on the number of people interested we may have to limit the number of presenters and time of each demo.

Organizer (a part of Hysea Hysea.JPG ) is organizing the event

co-sponsored by Progress Software Prgs.JPG

Sachin Hejip, Progress Software

Uma Sudhan P, Progress Software

For more info: mail: sudhan at

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