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Eclipse Day Toulouse 2012 Planning

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Content and Format

During a call on Dec 1st (Gael, Jean-Baptiste, Benjamin) we discussed the options being

a) Content

We all agreed that the event should focus on non-academic content from aerospace / Polarsys / Internet-of-Things. For the academic content a different Eclipse Day (e.g., at Tecnalia in Bilbao) might make more sense.

2 or 3 parallel tracks for the content

Question: Call-for-paper or invitation, or a mix?

b) Format

Choices are 2-day Summit like event or one-day ED like event. The group in the 2011/12/1 call believes that it is too late and too risky to plan a proper 2-day event for 2012.

Idea: Have social event (dinner) and keynote the evening before the actual meeting.

We expect 150+ attendees.

Date, Time and Location

Depends on location, Gael and Ben to investigate different options for location (e.g., Cite de'l Espace)

Funding and Fees

Eclipse Foundation will sponsor as Eclipse Day (agreement from EF executive needed)

Expectation is that some of the companies involved will also provide funds, other funds are expected through sponsors.

We were discussing that a 'food fee' of 20 - 30 € should be charged to the attendees. No final decision yet.

Next call: week 50

Topics: - identify interested parties - program content - sponsor prospectus - time, date location

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