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Call for papers information
Call for papers information
Use to manage the submissions.
== Attendee Registration  ==
== Attendee Registration  ==

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Location, Date and Time

Potential dates

  • May 24th
    • Hotel Palladia available: total cost including catering: 10825€
    • Diagora available
    • Pierre Baudis available


  • May 31st
    • Hotel Palladia available
    • Diagora not available
    • Pierre Baudis not available

Potential places

  • "Cité de l'espace": Best available during the week of June 5. Formula at 57€/person or 64€/person with lunch at the restaurant. Hard to find the place to have a lunch buffet for 150 people. More adapted for one room with one session. But I can ask if it is possible to book several rooms in the same place.
  • Hotel Palladia: Nice rooms. And good amphitheatre for plenary sessions. Not contacted, but looks like there is the place to have several rooms, and the ability and that the starting price is with a formula of 58€/person with the lunch.
  • Diagora: The place where the Agile Tour was organized for 400 persons. But it is very flexible with the capability to book several rooms and a space for a buffet.
  • La Cantine: I asked if the new Cantine will be available by this time, but I have no answer for the moment.

Number of rooms

One auditorium for 150 people

  • 2 tracks / maybe 3
  • Modeling and Embedded/M2M/Business Presentations (Polarsys)
  • Big room/Big room/Small room


Call for Papers

Call for papers information

Use to manage the submissions.

Attendee Registration

Registration information

Sponsoring Packages

Institutional sponsors

Contacts taken with Digital Place. GBL has a lunch planned with the Director of Digital Place on Thursday January 19.

Sponsor packages description

to Eclipse_Day_Toulouse_2012_Planning

Potential sponsors

Aerospace Valley Digital Place Airbus Sierra Wireless Blackduck Eclipse Foundation


Benjamin tries to book speakers and sponsors at the M2M meeting

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