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'''[http://www.eclipsedayflorence.com - - REGISTER NOW - -]'''
'''[http://www.eclipsedayflorence.com - - REGISTER NOW - -]'''
== Agenda  ==
The agenda is ready and online [http://www.eclipsedayflorence.com here]
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'''Thanks a lot to everyone who has submitted a session proposal !'''
'''Thanks a lot to everyone who has submitted a session proposal !'''
By the end of February, the technical committee will communicate the proposals accepted and the first talks will be published.
'''[http://www.eclipsedayflorence.com - - Stay Tuned - -]'''

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EDF 2013.jpg

More info on www.eclipsedayflorence.com


Are you an enthusiast of Open Source technologies and innovation? Then you can not miss the Eclipse Day Florence 2013.

Participating is easy, simply register!



The agenda is ready and online here


This edition is dedicated to anyone who wants to share with the community their success in the adoption of Eclipse technologies or, more generally, the Open Source technologies.

Main topics addressed:

  • Eclipse Technologies
  • Model Driven Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • OSGi

Call for Papers closed

The Call for Papers has been closed on February 20th.

Thanks a lot to everyone who has submitted a session proposal !

Sponsoring Packages

Support a great free event while making qualified contacts with Italian participants!

We have various packages available to sponsor the Eclipse Day. All sponsorship will be used to fund the day and make the event free for the participants.

If you want more information about sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to sponsor@eclipsedayflorence.com.