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Eclipse Day At Googleplex 2012/Session Abstracts

The Future of ALM: Developing in the Social Code Graph

Mik Kersten, Tasktop Technologies

The open source movement has turned the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) landscape on its head by creating tools that enable the inmates to start running the software asylum. Just as the world changed when social networking tools made it trivial for us to externalize our relationships and activity streams, a new collection of open source ALM tools has made it easy for developers to go far beyond dumping code into SCM. Developers are now externalizing their collaboration practices and workflows into a loosely coupled social code graph connected by tasks and relationships.

ALM is transforming before us. A new breed of tool-supported open source practices is reshaping the ALM landscape and making software delivery the most transparent and connected knowledge work process. During this keynote, Mik will explore this transformation, show how it will impact software development in the next decade, and illustrate how today's developers are helping to shape the digital workplace of tomorrow.

learnhowto: "tame the JavaScript Monster with #vjetjside"

Justin Early, Avantsoft

  • Do you have someone on the team who gets called about Js issues constantly?
  • Do you wish there was better code assist which was scope appropriate?
  • Do you have developers working with different versions of javascript frameworks?
  • Do you have globals running rampid in your js code base?
  • Do you have issues with dependencies between multiple js files?
  • Do you have issues with documentation not reflecting actual usage?
  • Do you have Java developers who can’t access your javascript api?
  • Do you work with JavaScript applications?
  • Are you curious to learn more from the lead contributor of the VJET (recently introduced as an incubator project to Eclipse foundation)?

If so this talk is for you.

You will learn more about VJET’s advanced type inferencing, VJETDoc, and type libraries for JavaScript with real world examples. You will learn how to use different VJET capabilities from plain JavaScript to using types in the language.

If JavaScript is not your first language there are Mix n Match Java and JavaScript capabilities which allow your Java authors to work with JavaScript but still allow JavaScript developers to work in unison.

VJET is extensible/ I will demonstrate some of the recent work that has been done with one of the project contributors Sencha with support for ExtJS class system for their widgetkit.

Code Reviews with Gerrit

Shawn Pearce, Google
For the past 4 years Gerrit Code Review has been the driving force behind the development of the Android operating system, and is being widely adopted by Git users everywhere. Join the ranks of corporate and open source projects that have successfully deployed Gerrit to define a Git workflow, improve code quality, and ensure changes comply with project standards and policies. Learn how Gerrit has helped Git to scale for multi-site installations with more than 15,000 users and 17,000 groups. Discover the powerful access and workflow controls, including a branch level read access feature that is unique to Gerrit and its embedded SSH and HTTP daemons.

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