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Eclipse Day At Googleplex 2010


Eclipse Day at the Googleplex is a full day event for developers to learn about different Eclipse projects and related technologies. You are invited to attend and listen as experts from the Eclipse projects and Google share their experiences of using Eclipse. It's also a great opportunity for you to meet and network with other Eclipse enthusiasts. There is no cost to attend, but pre-registration is required.

This year we are adding an Eclipse Ignite session. For those new to the Ignite format, presenters are given 5 minutes, 20 slides that will automatically change every 15 seconds, on a topic of their choice. If you are interested in presenting at the Ignite session, please send your topic to

Thursday, August 26, 2010
9:00am - 5:00pm
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA

Thanks very much to the Google Open Source office for hosting this event.


Time Track 1 Track 2
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:00 Introduction
10:00-11:00 Android Tools for Eclipse - Xavier Ducrohet (Google) Next Generation Maven Development Stack - Jason van Zyl (Sonatype)
11:00-12:00 What's New in Helios - Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation) Spring Roo and GWT
12:00-1:30 Lunch and Unconference
1:30-2:00 Eclipse Sequoyah for Android App Developers - Eric Cloninger (Motorola) Git and Eclipse - Chris Aniszczyk (Red Hat) & Shawn Pearce (Google)
2:00-2:30 Tools for Mobile Web - Paul Beusterien (Symbian Foundation) Eclipse Linux Tools Project - Andrew Overholt (Red Hat)
2:30-3:00 EMF for GWT - Ed Merks (Cloudsmith) Eclipse 4.0 - Chris Aniszczyk (Red Hat) & Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-4:00 Eclipse Mylyn: from Stack Trace to Scrum - David Green (Tasktop) TBD
4:00-5:00 Eclipse Ignite

All Session Abstracts

Eclipse Ignite Sessions

  1. 10 Steps to Contribute to Eclipse - Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation

Attendee Registration

To register, add your name & affiliation below or contact

Name, Company:

  1. Robert Konigsberg, Google
  2. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  3. Chris Aniszczyk, Red Hat
  4. Shawn Pearce, Google
  5. Andrew Overholt, Red Hat
  6. Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation
  7. Ed Merks, Cloudsmith
  8. Paul Beusterien, Symbian Foundation
  9. Vitor Rodrigues
  10. Eric Cloninger, Motorola
  11. Lori Fraleigh, Motorola
  12. Suresh Krishna, Oracle
  13. Cliff Chu, IBM
  14. Vassili Bykov, Google
  15. Elias Volanakis, EclipseSource
  16. Max Spring, Cisco
  17. Gabriel Southern, UC Santa Cruz
  18. Joshua Levine, Cadence Design Systems
  19. Jay Zelitzky, Synopsys
  20. John Panelli, Intuit
  21. Michael Gower, Ariba
  22. Frederic Doucet, Cadence Design Systems
  23. Mark Feber,
  24. Chengdong Li, Tradescape
  25. Olaf Schneider, Synopsys
  26. Yes Raj, AICDC
  27. Colin Ho, Research In Motion
  28. Robert Hagmann, Google
  29. Kevin Sawicki, Perforce Software
  30. Adam Taylor, IBM
  31. Richard Kuo, AT&T Services
  32. Stephen Moon, Perforce Software
  33. Liz Lam, Perforce Software
  34. Felipe Leme, Oracle
  35. Gary Struthers, UC Berkeley
  36. Richard Katz, UC Berkeley
  37. Ivan Sabinin, The Fanfare Group
  38. Adam Bovill, The Fanfare Group
  39. Rushabh Shah, The Fanfare Group
  40. Andrew Shebanow, Aptana
  41. Hien Tran, SJSU
  42. David Green, Tasktop
  43. Balarka Velidi, VMware
  44. Harish Tejwani, Nagarro
  45. Rafael Alvarez-Horine, Student at San Jose State University
  46. Brian Payton, IBM
  47. Eric Clayberg, Instantiations
  48. Dan Rubel, Instantiations
  49. Eric Raymond, Allocade
  50. Rob Clevenger, Google
  51. Steve Jin, VMware
  52. David Fung, Symian Development
  53. Ron Lange
  54. Matson Wade, WiseClouds
  55. Maggie Zhang, VMware
  56. Giampiero Caprino, VMware
  57. Dongjun Lee, VMware
  58. Geeta Chauhan, Alcatel-Lucent
  59. Michael Healy, ZZQ
  60. Brian Williams, eBay
  61. Perry Chow, PCHDesigns
  62. Jason van Zyl, Sonatype
  63. W. Culverhouse
  64. Linda Hartwig
  65. Claire Lee, Cavium
  66. Wen-yao Li, ESRI
  67. Yufen Kuo, MontaVista
  68. Arun Gupta, Oracle
  69. Xavier Ducrohet, Google
  70. Kamlesh Sangani, Rearden Commerce
  71. Raja Raman, Rearden Commerce
  72. Paramita Bhattacharjee, eBay
  73. Yung-Nien Yang, NexTag
  74. Manish Kumar, Ericsson
  75. Satyajit Chakraborty, SAP
  76. Jijoe Vurghese, NexTag
  77. Tom Chavez, ACCESS
  78. Michel Trudeau, Oracle
  79. Alexander Smirnoff, Comcast
  80. Roman Baumgaertner, T-Mobile
  81. Rama Krishna, BMC Software
  82. Rob Clevenger, Google
  83. Dave Dodd, eBay
  84. Satadal BZhattacharjee, LSI
  85. Alexander Pochaev, Aravo Solutions
  86. Lou Ceci, T-Mobile
  87. Reshma Shetty, SoftwareAG
  88. Vandana Shah
  89. Yulian Novosyolov, eBay
  90. Andrew Marki, Software Engineer
  91. Randy Ballew, UC Berkeley
  92. Bob Stillerman, RS International
  93. Yusuf Saib, T-Mobile
  94. Suzanne Nguyen, T-Mobile
  95. Kenny Lee, Contactual
  96. Zoe Li, Contactual
  97. Pierre Michel, Contactual
  98. Praveen Hegde, Contactual
  99. Ashvin Radiya, ConnectSpan & Eclipse University
  100. Vibha Dixit, AvantSoft & Eclipse University
  101. Wonkyoung Kim, Giftizen
  102. Badari Kakumani, Cisco Systems
  103. Venugopal Dharmapuri, Cisco Systems

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