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[ Eclipse Time] - Toulouse, France<br>
[ Eclipse Time] - Toulouse, France<br>
[ EclipsIST] - Istanbul, Turkey<br>
[ EclipsIST] - Istanbul, Turkey<br>
[ Eclipse Acceleo Day] - Nantes, France<br>

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The Eclipse Foundation believes that facilitating networking and face-to-face interactions is important to growing the Eclipse community. One way the Foundation supports these interactions is by encouraging Foundation Member companies to help organize community events. One style of event is something we call an Eclipse Day - a day long event that has a published agenda focused on Eclipse technology. Another style of event are the more informal and shorter Eclipse DemoCamps.

The Eclipse Foundation has put together the following program to support and encourage the creation of Eclipse Days by our member companies. If you are interested in organizing an Eclipse Day, please contact Lynn Gayowski at

Eclipse Day Criteria

The criteria for an Eclipse Day are:

  • At least one Eclipse member company or the Eclipse Foundation is involved in the organization of the event.
  • The Eclipse Day must be a community event open to the public, with preference given to events that have presenters and sponsors from multiple organizations.
  • The event must be at least 1 full day.
  • The event program must demonstrate significant Eclipse content.
  • There is a public web site that lists the program and registration information.
  • Expected attendance for the event must be 50 people or more.
  • The event is focused on a certain geography or industry.

Eclipse Foundation Assistance

The Eclipse Foundation will offer approved events:

  • $2,000 USD (Note: we have a limited budget, so it will depend on the number of events organized)
  • We will publish a community bulletin on the homepage to drive awareness of the event.
  • A listing in the monthly Eclipse Member Newsletter email
  • A listing in the online Community Events calendar
  • Wiki space, if needed, for the event's homepage

Promotional Opportunities Checklist

Text Samples

Examples of Eclipse Days

Eclipse Banking Day in London - London, United Kingdom
Eclipse Banking Day in NYC - New York, NY, USA
eclipseDay - Valencia, Spain
Eclipse IT - Bari, Italy
Eclipse Now You Can - Paris, France
Eclipse Time - Toulouse, France
EclipsIST - Istanbul, Turkey
Eclipse Acceleo Day - Nantes, France

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