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(Next Conference Call: Monday, February 28, 2010 - 1800 UTC/10:00am pacific)
(Public and Private Chat Groups)
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*IRC (public):  <b></b>  channel: <b>#eclipse-ecf</b>  ECF URL <b>[irc:// irc://<user>]</b><br>
*IRC (public):  <b></b>  channel: <b>#eclipse-ecf</b>  ECF URL <b>[irc:// irc://<user>]</b><br>
*XMPP (private): <b><user></b> multi-user chat: <b>ecf</b><br>
*ECF Generic (public):  '''<b>ecftcp://</b> (Runs completely on ECF software)'''
==Project Planning==
==Project Planning==

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Eclipse Communication Framework
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ECF Developer Resources (CVS access, newsgroup/mailing list access, etc.)

Conference Calls

ECF has weekly conference calls to discuss current and future issues on our roadmap. Anyone is welcome to join us.

  • International: +1-416-840-9801*
  • Canada: 1-877-727-8553*
  • U.S.: 1-866-394-4146*
  • Germany: 0800 111 1193*
  • U.K.: 0800 358 3473*
  • France: 0800 94 0253*
  • Finland: 0800 114 485*
  • Sweden: 0200 125 713*
  • Participant passcode: 428 029 063#

Bucky / Hudson session on September 18, 2010, 0700 UTC/10:00am pacific time

September 18, 2010, 0700 UTC/10:00am pacific time

Next Conference Call: Monday, February 28, 2010 - 1800 UTC/10:00am pacific

February 28, 2011, 1800 UTC/10:00am pacific time

2.28.2011 Call Agenda/Notes

Public and Private Chat Groups

ECF also has ongoing public and private chat groups. Please join us!

Project Planning

Current Project Plan

ECF 4.0 ToDo collection


ECF has nightly builds as well as continuous builds on checkin and release builds. Our builder currently uses Jenkins and Buckminster and is hosted at the ECF OSU OSL build server. See here for the Hudson dashboard and access to all builds.

Both Maven and p2 repositories are available for nightly builds here.

New Stuff

ECF Documentation Project

OSGi 4.2 Remote Services Admin

Remote Services Admin

Asynchronous Proxies for Remote Services

Getting Started with ECF's OSGi Remote Services Implementation

Using ECF Remote Services Bundles separate from the ECF SDK

Using Spring with ECF Remote Services

OSGi 4.2 Remote Services and ECF

Distributed EventAdmin Service

Listeners for ECF's OSGi Remote Services Implementation

Static File-based Discovery of Remote Service Endpoints

Network Discovery of Remote Services

REST-style Remote Services Providers

SOAP-based Remote Services Providers

Load Balancing Remote Services

OSGi Remote Services and Sync vs. Async Remote Procedure Call

ECF Container/Connection Creation and Management

Other Cool Stuff

DNS-SD based ECF wide area discovery provider (bug 310580)

Google Wave Provider work (bug 280347)


NNTP Protocol/Newsreader

Google Summer of Code ECF Projects for 2010

Real-Time Shared Editing

Extending Real-Time Shared Editing for Use with Other Editors

Sharing Editor Selections

ECF Filetransfer Support for NTLMv2 Proxies

Comments on the Riena Project Goals and Relationship to ECF project

Remote Eclipse RCP Management

Screen Captures over IM

ECF Adopters List (please add yourself if you are using ECF)

Coding Conventions

ECF has decided to use the Equinox Coding Conventions. Also on this page are links to java source code formatter to use in Eclipse to easily enforce these conventions.


Additional Documentation

Eclipse Communication Framework
API DocumentationJavadocProviders
Development GuidelinesIntegrators Guide

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