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EclipseTestingDay2010 Talk Bredex

Automated acceptance testing for Eclipse applications – why, what and how?

The importance of acceptance testing tends to be underestimated. Often, very little in the way of testing is done between the JUnit tests at the beginning of development and the rushed manual test at the end. But acceptance tests tell us whether or not the software being developed is actually doing what the customer ordered and give us a great opportunity to amend misunderstandings and problems before a product is even released.

This talk looks at why acceptance testing is so important and examines different ways of performing acceptance testing, with their advantages and disadvantages. We offer some practical tips on introducing and improving acceptance testing for Eclipse applications, including considerations about process and team, methodologies, frameworks and tools. Along the way, we use Eclipse applications to give examples of acceptance tests that will improve the outcome and quality of the development process.

About the speaker

Achim Brede

Hans-Joachim (Achim) Brede is the founder of BREDEX GmbH and is one of the managing directors of the company. He has implemented and managed multiple, highly complex customer projects and is responsible for the concepts in the development of the automated test tool GUIdancer. Achim holds a Masters in Computer Science and has worked with the University of Braunschweig and Digital Equipment as a technical consultant. He was on the Eclipse Board of Directors in 2009.

Alexandra Imrie

Alexandra Imrie came to Bredex GmbH in 2005 after finishing her degree in linguistics. Her first role involved writing technical documentation, but writing about features soon turned into discussing how features should be implemented from the customer perspective. Now she is responsible for communicating with customers; giving workshops and trainings and working as a test consultant or a tester for various projects. She also continues to represent the customer’s view in terms of understanding, usability and feature requests. Two of her main interests in the world of software development are how to make software user-friendly and how to bring agility to testing processes.


Automated acceptance testing for Eclipse applications (PDF)


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