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This page describes the current plan for the upcoming features of the Eclipse SmartHome project. Please note that this plan is a moving target - depending on priorities and community contribution and commitments, the plan can change any time, so do not take it for granted, but see it as a guidance of direction.

Release 0.7.0

This is the very first release of Eclipse SmartHome and is planned for September 2014. It will include the following new features:

  • Upgrade of all dependencies (such as Equinox, Jetty, EMF, Xtext etc.) to Luna release train (bug 433990)
  • Modularize the smarthome.cfg file (bug 434003)
  • Introduction of a configuration meta-data description service (bug 433993)
  • Introduction of the "Thing Concept" as a new way to implement bindings by providing thing and configuration meta-data (bug 433994)

See all details in the official 0.7.0 release plan

Release 0.8.0

Following features are planned for 0.8.0 (planned for December 2014):

  • REST-API for administration of items and things (bug 423546)
  • Updated set of types and items (bug 423550)
  • Role-based security concept to allow conditional access to items and sitemaps (bug 423548)
  • Introduce an optional unit in Number item (bug 434006)
  • Provide a server-push mechanism for events (item status updates and other UI-relevant events) (bug 423552)
  • REST-API for time series for persisted data (bug 423547)
  • Introduce a notification service (bug 434010)
  • Designer as features to be integrated into any Eclipse IDE (bug 433464)
  • Enhance designer to communicate with the runtime through HTTP (bug 423501)

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