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0.7.0 Release Notes

The Eclipse SmartHome 0.7.0 is the very first release after the project creation. It brings a cleaned up code base, many bug fixes and new APIs for bindings that support discovery and metadata descriptions.

Furthermore it includes two example bindings for YahooWeather and Philips Hue that can be used as a code reference.

Find more details on the project release information.

0.8.0 Release Notes

The 0.8.0 release introduces a JAX-RS-based REST API, which provides endpoints for a wide range of functionality. Besides operational aspects (like items and sitemaps), which already existed in version 0.7.0, administration endpoints were added, which allow CRUD operations on all entities as well as actively manage setup and configuration aspects. To support server push functionality, SSE has been introduced as a complement to the REST API.

The REST API has been polished and stabilised through many iterations, while implementing clients that make use of the REST API.

Furthermore, the Thing and discovery APIs have been enhanced through incorporating feedback from the community and can now be regarded as stable.

As a new part of the project, the reference implementation of the OSGi EnOcean base driver has been added.

Additionally, many bugs have been fixed. See a list of issues implemented in 0.8.0 in Bugzilla.

0.9.0 Release Notes

This release includes improvements and new features on many levels, ranging from new framework features to more mature APIs for extensions and a long list of new available extensions.

The binding APIs are pretty stable and in wide use by now and also the new rule engine has matured and can be used productively.

Code wise, the release now uses Java 8 langauge features and hence dropped support for Java 7.

Major work went into the Paper UI as the reference administration user interface. It supports GUI driven system configuration of the majority of features.

With respect to configuration, a fully new approach is now in place for textual configuration: The RCP-based "Eclipse SmartHome Designer" has been deprecated and is no longer a project deliverable in favor for the new Language Server Protocol (LSP) support that this built into the runtime and which enables external editors to provide similar features as it has been done by the Designer.

With this release, the project switched to EPLv2.

A full list of all changes is available on Github at

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