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[[IBM_Markham_Hotels | Hotel Information]]<br>
[[IBM_Markham_Hotels | Hotel Information]]<br>
[[IBM_Markham_Transportation | Transportation Information]]<br>
[[IBM_Markham_Transportation | Transportation Information]]<br>
[ IBM Building & Parking Map]<br>
[[EclipseRT_Day/OttawaCarPool | Ottawa Car Pool]]
[[EclipseRT_Day/OttawaCarPool | Ottawa Car Pool]]

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EclipseRT Logo Small.jpg

EclipseRT Day: Building on Equinox and OSGi

EclipseRT is the portfolio of Eclipse projects that include runtime frameworks used to build and deploy running applications. EclipseRT is based on component oriented development architecture built on the Equinox runtime framework, an implementation of the OSGi standard.

EclipseRT Day is your opportunity to discover what is possible using Equinox and the complementary projects, such as EclipseLink, RAP, Eclipse RCP, etc. Experts from the EclipseRT community will discuss how you can build applications for embedded devices, desktops and even large scale server applications. IBM, SpringSource and TD Canada Trust will share their experiences of using Equinox and OSGi for their solutions.

This event is for software architects, software development managers and senior developers that are interested in adopting a component-based architecture for their software. There is no cost to attend the event but you must pre-register.

There will be an EclipseRT Day on Tuesday, November 17 in Austin and Thursday, November 19 in Toronto. Details, agendas and registration info are below.


Tuesday, November 17
IBM Austin Research Laboratory
11501 Burnet Rd.
Austin, TX 78758

Security check-in and registration will take place in the lobby of Building 904.

Thanks very much to IBM for hosting this event.


Time Track 1: Sunflower Room (Bldg. 908) Track 2: Buttercup Room (Bldg. 908)
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:30 Main Tent Session: Building Component Based Applications - Jeff McAffer, EclipseRT PMC Co-Lead and EclipseSource
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Introduction to Equinox and OSGi - Tom Watson, Equinox Project Co-Lead and IBM Emergency Information Dissemination and Exercise Systems - Austin Riddle, Texas Center for Applied Technology & Cole Markham, Texas Center for Applied Technology
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 Modular Java Applications with Spring, dm Server and OSGi - Colin Sampaleanu, SpringSource The Past, Present and Future of Enterprise Software Support in OSGi - Dan Bandera, OSGi Alliance and IBM
2:00-3:00 Single Sourcing Eclipse RCP and RAP - Chris Aniszczyk, EclipseSource Building Modular Applications for Embedded Devices - Brett Hackleman, Band XI
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-4:30 Server-Side Equinox - Jeff McAffer, EclipseRT PMC Co-Lead and EclipseSource Building Composite Applications with Lotus Expeditor - Mike Masterson, IBM Lotus
4:30-5:30 Open Discussion: Future of EclipseRT

All Session Abstracts

Austin Attendee Registration

Registration for EclipseRT Day in Austin is now closed. For those already registered, there is no cost to attend. Questions can be sent to

Name, Company:

  1. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  2. Tom Watson, IBM
  3. Jeff McAffer, EclipseSource
  4. Chris Aniszczyk, EclipseSource
  5. Brett Hackleman, Band XI International, LLC
  6. Dan Bandera, IBM
  7. Colin Sampaleanu, SpringSource
  8. Mike Masterson, IBM Lotus
  9. Eric Borm, Self-Employed
  10. Dan Podwall, Nokia
  11. Daniel Treiber, Dragonflyware
  12. Nick Fox, Dragonflyware
  13. Tim Peoples, Digital Motorworks
  14. Craig Robinson, Digital Motorworks
  15. Matt Bradley, Digital Motorworks
  16. Casey Marshall, Phurnace Software
  17. Brian Bauman, IBM Lotus
  18. Steve Long, ProspX
  19. Jim Frederic, Digital Motorworks
  20. Mark Rogalski, IBM
  21. Ram Tarlapally, Rminds
  22. Byeong Lee, UT Austin
  23. Shawn Spiars, Eclipse RCP Consultant
  24. Joshua Slack, Ardor Labs
  25. Armando Blancas, Serrat Systems
  26. Jason Woods, Initiate Systems
  27. Craig Muchinsky, Initiate Systems
  28. Glenn Goldenberg, Initiate Systems
  29. Roger Huang, Hyperformix
  30. Sam Ramos, Hewlett-Packard
  31. Ryan Crumley, Light Software
  32. Austin Riddle, Texas Center for Applied Technology
  33. Cole Markham, Texas Center for Applied Technology
  34. Robert Walker, Digital Motorworks
  35. Robert Crossman, Pavilion Technologies
  36. Logan Shaw, Digital Motorworks
  37. Eric Wood, IBM
  38. Curtis Wyman, IBM - Tivoli
  39. Simon Chen, IBM
  40. Beatriz Fortanely, Student
  41. Ryan Magnusson, Walmart Stores, Inc.
  42. Ed Vega, Pavilion Technologies
  43. Zay Collier, LSI
  44. Anthony Plattsmier
  45. Kishor Kalivarapu, E2OPEN
  46. Rajan Arulswamy, E2OPEN
  47. Mark Young, E2OPEN
  48. Dustin Hawkings, E2OPEN
  49. David Sheth, Calavista
  50. Bryan Hunt, IBM
  51. Michael Martin, Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems
  52. Andy Anderson, Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems
  53. Brian Kimball, Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems
  54. Paul Nehrbass, Freescale Semiconductor
  55. Jesse Steinfort, Advanced Micro Devices
  56. Chris Brown, Advanced Micro Devices
  57. Don Duty, Unversity of Texas at Austin
  58. Elliot Oshman, Dun & Bradstreet / Hoover's Inc.
  59. Thad Engeling, LibreDigital
  60. Bryan Bilbrey, New Iron
  61. Bob DeAnna, Recursion Software
  62. Robert Ennis, Recursion Software
  63. Tim Negris, Recursion Software
  64. Paul Thayer, Austin Community College
  65. Findlay Shearer, Embedded Systems Consultant
  66. Cody McCain, Frac Tech Services
  67. Jim Cox, Electronic Proving Ground, Fort Hood TX
  68. Ronnie King, Nokia
  69. James D. Miles, IBM Lotus
  70. Kevin Edwards, Frac Tech Services
  71. Ken Ryall, Nokia
  72. Allen Rouse, Pomeroy IT Solutions
  73. Ashok Mammen, IBM
  74. Michael R. Cooper, IBM
  75. Raji Akella, IBM
  76. Jessie Lee, Micro Focus
  77. Eric Roberts, Micro Focus
  78. Chris Peters, Micro Focus
  79. Eric Landry, Micro Focus
  80. John Gatti, Micro Focus
  81. John James, E2OPEN
  82. Warwick Burrows, E2OPEN
  83. Bret Piatt, Rackspace Hosting
  84. Bruce Trask, MDE Systems
  85. Leo Bayer


Thursday, November 19
IBM Toronto Software Lab
8200 Warden Ave.
Markham, ON

Please enter by the main entrance to register with security.

Hotel Information
Transportation Information
IBM Building & Parking Map
Ottawa Car Pool

Thanks very much to IBM for hosting this event.


  • We are also hosting an Eclipse Modeling Day Toronto on Wednesday, November 18 at the same location. Feel free to register for both events.
  • An Eclipse DemoCamp is being held the previous evening at a nearby pub on Wednesday, November 18, 6:00pm-9:00pm. Feel free to add your name to the wiki.


Time Track 1: Amphitheatre Track 2: Oak Room (Training Centre)
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:30 Main Tent Session: Building Component Based Applications - Jeff McAffer, Eclipse RT PMC Co-Lead and EclipseSource
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Introduction to Equinox and OSGi - Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation Java Persistence with EclipseLink - Doug Clarke, Oracle Canada
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 Modular Java Applications with Spring, dm Server and OSGi - Oleg Zhurakousky, SpringSource Building Modular Software Applications for Embedded Devices - John Cunningham, Band XI
2:00-3:00 Managing your Runtime with p2 - Pascal Rapicault, IBM Case Study: Building composite applications with the Lotus Expeditor Platform for the TD Canada Trust Call Center - Alan Chow, TD Canada Trust
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-4:30 Server-Side Equinox - Simon Kaegi, IBM e4 Overview and Demo - Boris Bokowski, IBM
4:30-5:30 Open Discussion: Future of EclipseRT

All Session Abstracts

Toronto Attendee Registration

There is no cost to attend but you must pre-register by November 13, 2009. Please send your name and company name to

Name, Company:

  1. Jeff McAffer, EclipseSource
  2. John Cunningham, Band XI International, LLC
  3. Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation
  4. Doug Clarke, Oracle Canada
  5. Oleg Khurakousky, SpringSource
  6. Alan Chow, TD Canada Trust
  7. Boris Bokowski, IBM
  8. Simon Kaegi, IBM
  9. Igor Fedorenko, Sonatype
  10. Jean Brunet, Environment Canada
  11. Majed Al-Shawa, PhD Candidate at University of Waterloo
  12. Angus McIntyre, IBM Lotus
  13. Oliver Vidovic, Alaia Technologies
  14. Alex Basaric, Alaia Technologies
  15. Mike Pettypiece, Impact Mobile
  16. Pascal Rapicault, IBM
  17. Gifford Louie, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
  18. Manish Singh, IBM
  19. Rich Meadows, IBM
  20. John Bossons
  21. Andrew Overholt, Red Hat
  22. Derek Zhang, Novator Systems
  23. Fred Fiene, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
  24. Charley Wang, Red Hat
  25. Roland Grunberg, Red Hat
  26. Egan Done, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
  27. Lawrence Mandel, IBM Rational
  28. James Liu, Jonview Canada
  29. Timour Mouratov, SOCAN
  30. John Slaman
  31. Satish Terala, Sapient
  32. Marconi Lanna
  33. Jon Dearden, Research In Motion
  34. George Dregalo, Swordsteel Software Systems Inc.
  35. Jack Luo, Research In Motion
  36. John Conlon, Verticon
  37. Grant Greaves, OpenLead Inc.
  38. Jeff Buller, OpenLead Inc.
  39. Nick Boldt, JBoss by Red Hat
  40. Sebastian Feher, Crossview Inc.
  41. Nitin Bharti, DZone
  42. William Cheung, First Class Mandarin
  43. William Wong
  44. Rajith Attapattu, Red Hat
  45. Silviu Marcu, Digital Rapids
  46. Valentin Baciu, IBM
  47. Jordan Anastasiade, Seneca College
  48. Laila Pasanen, IBM
  49. Albert Choi, Alcatel-Lucent
  50. Hongjing Chen, Scotiabank
  51. Satish Gungabeesoon, IBM
  52. Igor Dmytryk, Export Development Canada
  53. Izzet Safer, IBM
  54. Kushal Munir, IBM
  55. Alex Fernandes, IBM
  56. Yanni Chiu, Zhao Technology Inc.
  57. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  58. Kevin Doyle, IBM
  59. Kevin Wong, Digital Rapids
  60. Cristian Saceanu, Digital Rapids
  61. Len Chan, NexJ Systems Inc.
  62. Micheal Wu, NexJ Systems Inc.
  63. Greg Fenton, NexJ Systems Inc.
  64. Vlad Tatavu, Sonatype
  65. Anil Kumar, Rogers Inc.
  66. Pete Nicholls, IBM
  67. Ervin Nemesszeghy, Hardcomsoft Inc.
  68. Bruce Trask, MDE Systems
  69. Marcelo Paternostro, IBM
  70. Craig White, Digital Rapids
  71. Don Laidlaw, Infor
  72. Angel Roman, MDE Systems

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