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Warning See Developing JAXB Applications Using EclipseLink MOXy, EclipseLink 2.4

EclipseLink MOXy

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EclipseLink MOXy Overview

The EclipseLink MOXy component enables developers to efficiently bind Java classes to XML schemas. MOXy implements JAXB, allowing developers to provide their mapping information through annotations as well as providing support for storing the mappings in XML format.

JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding - JSR 222) is the standard for XML Binding in Java. JAXB covers 100% of XML Schema concepts and EclipseLink provides a JAXB implementation with many extensions.

When using EclipseLink MOXy as the JAXB provider, no metadata is required to convert your existing object model to XML. You can supply metadata (using annotations or XML) only when fine-tuning of the XML representation is required.

EclipseLink MOXy includes many advanced mappings that allow developers to handle complex XML structures without having to mirror the schema in their Java class model.

Sample JAXB Architecture

Jaxb overview.png

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