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About This Documentation

EclipseLink provides the reference implementation of the Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) 2.0 specification. It also includes many enhancements and extensions. This documentation primarily documents the EclipseLink enhancements and extensions to JPA. Please refer to the JPA specification for full documentation of core JPA. Where appropriate, this documentation provides links to the pertinent section of the specification.

Other Resources

For more information, see:

  • EclipeLink Javadoc - Complete EclipseLink JPA API reference documentation, including core JPA plus the EclipseLink enhancements:
    • Core JPA include the javax.persistence.* packages.
    • EclipseLink JPA enhancements include the org.eclipse.persistence.* packages.
  • The Java EE 5 Tutorial, Part V, "Persistence" - Task-based information to help you implement JPA 2.0 applications. This tutorial does not include EclipseLink-specific information, but it contains much useful information about JPA 2.0.
  • Java Persistence - Wiki-based, "open-source" book about JPA 2.0. The title page contains a number of useful links to other resources.

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