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>>>>>> THIS PAGE IS IN PROGRESS. PLEASE SEE DISCUSSION PAGE. <<<<<< ON DELETE CASCADE is a database foreign key constraint option that automatically removes the dependent rows.

Use the @CascadeOnDelete annotation or the cascadeOnDelete property to specify that a delete operation performed on a database object is cascaded on secondary or related tables.

Performing a CascadeOnDelete on this object... Does this...
Entity Defines that secondary or joined inheritance tables should cascade the delete on the database
OneToOne mapping The related object is deleted cascaded on the database. This is only allowed for mappedBy/target-foriegn key OneToOne mappings (because of constraint direction).
OneToMany mapping The related objects are deleted cascaded on the database.
ManyToMany mapping The join table is deleted cascaded on the database (target objects cannot be cascade even if private because of constraint direction).
DirectCollection The direct table is deleted cascaded on the database.
AggregateCollection The aggregate table is deleted cascaded on the database.

public @interface CascadeOnDelete

Configuration File

In the orm.xml descriptor file, specify cascade on delete as follows:

<source lang="xml">
<entity cascadeOnDelete="true">
<one-to-one cascadeOnDelete="true">
<one-to-many cascadeOnDelete="true">
<many-to-many cascadeOnDelete="true">

Version: 2.2.0 DRAFT
Other versions...