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|previous=[[EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced_JPA_Development/Performance/Fetch Groups|Fetch Groups]]
|previous=[[EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced_JPA_Development/Performance/Fetch Groups|Fetch Groups]]
|next=    [[EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced_JPA_Development/Platform Specific Configurations/Oracle|Oracle]]
|next=    [[EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced_JPA_Development/Platform Specific Configurations/Oracle|Oracle]]
|up=     [[EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced_JPA_Development|Advanced JPA Development]]
|version=2.2.0 DRAFT}}

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EclipseLink JPA

Database and Application Server Support

EclipseLink supports a number of database platforms and application servers, as described below.

Database Support

EclipseLink supports any relational database that is compliant with SQL and has a compliant JDBC driver. EclipseLink has extended support for several database platforms. The extended support mainly consists of providing native sequencing support, schema creation, and certain database functions. These platform classes are in the [org.eclipse.persistence.platform.database] package.

The following databases are supported. Click the names below to see the Javadoc that describes the support for that platform:

Supported Database Platforms
Database JavaDoc See Also
Access [AccessPlatformPlatform]
Attunity [AttunityPlatform]
Cloudscape [CloudscapePlatform]
DB2 Mainframe [DB2MainframePlatform]
DB2 [DB2Platform]
dBASE [DBasePlatform]
Derby [DerbyPlatform]
Firebird [FirebirdPlatform]
H2 [H2Platform]
HSQL [HSQLPlatform]
Informix [InformixPlatform]
JavaDB [JavaDBPlatform]
MaxDB [MaxDBPlatform]
MySQL [MySQLPlatform]
Oracle [OraclePlatform]
PointBase [PointBasePlatform]
PostgreSQL [PostgreSQLPlatform] PostgreSQL
SQLAnywhere [SQLAnywherePlatform]
SQLServer [SQLServerPlatform]
Sybase [SybasePlatform]
Symfoware [SymfowarePlatform]
TimesTen7 [TimesTen7Platform]
TimesTen [TimesTenPlatform]

Application Server Support

EclipseLink can be used with any Java EE application server that meets the software requirements through the EclipseLink API.

There is EclipseLink-specific integration support for the following servers:

Version: 2.2.0 DRAFT
Other versions...

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