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EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced JPA Development/NoSQL/Supported Data-sources

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Supported NoSQL and EIS Data-sources

EclipseLink has support for several NoSQL and EIS platforms. EclipseLink also supports generic NoSQL and EIS data-sources through the JCA CCI API. It is also possible to add support for other NoSQL data-sources through defining your own EISPlatform subclass and JCA adapter.

The following data-sources are supported. Click the names below to see the Javadoc that describes the support for that platform.

Supported NoSQL and EIS Platforms
Data-source JavaDoc Features
MongoDB MongoPlatform Provides MongoDB support including:
  • MAPPED JSON data
  • JPQL and Criteria queries
  • Native queries
Oracle NoSQL OracleNoSQLPlatform Provides Oracle NoSQL support including:
  • MAPPED key/value data
  • XML data
  • find() and SELECT all queries

It also possible to extend EclipseLink to add extended support for additional platforms. There are also several user contributed platforms in the EclipseLink incubator project. See Platform Incubator.

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