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EclipseLink/UserGuide/DBWS/Overview/EclipseLink DBWS Service Descriptor File (ELUG)

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EclipseLink DBWS Service Descriptor File

The metadata for an EclipseLink DBWS service is contained in the eclipselink-dbws.xml service descriptor file. The eclipselink-dbws.xml's XML schema definition is represented by the eclipselink-dbws_1.0.xsd file. It is located in the <ECLIPSELINK_HOME>/xsds directory.

eclipselink-dbws.xml File Elements
Element Description Required Default


The name of the EclipseLink DBWS service.

Yes - set by the DBWSBuilder property projectName.
For more information, see DBWSBuilder and its builder xml file.



The name of EclipseLink sessions.xml file to be used.


If not present, then <tt>eclipselink-dbws-sessions.xml file will be used.

Any of the following four operation elements:

  • insert
  • update
  • delete
  • query

One or more service operations.

At least one service operation.


Graphical View of the EclipseLink DBWS Service Descriptor Schema eclipselink-dbws_1.0.xsd

Dbws 1 0.png

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