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EclipseLink/UserGuide/DBWS/Overview/Design time

EclipseLink DBWS

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Creating EclipseLink DBWS Services using the DBWSBuilder utility

The EclipseLink DBWS design-time utility DBWSBuilder is a Java application that processes an EclipseLink DBWS builder XML file to produce a deployable archive (typically a .war file) containing all the required deployment artifacts (WSDL, .xsd schema, web.xml, etc.) for a JAX-WS 2.0 compliant Web Service. There are script files provided for invoking DBWSBuilder. They are located in the <ECLIPSELINK_HOME>\utils\dbws directory. The scripts ending in .cmd are for Windows use while those that end with .sh are for all other operating systems. Before running the dbwsbuilder.cmd script, please ensure that the following environment variables in the <ECLIPSELINK_HOME>\utils\dbws\setenv.cmd (or file) are set:


Command-line arguments

DBWSBuilder usage - [] indicates optional argument:
prompt > dbwsbuilder.cmd  -builderFile {path_to_dbws_builder.xml} -stageDir  {path_to_stageDir} -packageAs[:archive_flag - archive, noArchive, ignore] {packager} [additional args]
Available packagers:
    -packageAs:[default=not supported] jdev
    -packageAs:[default=archive] javase [jarFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] wls [warFilename] [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] glassfish [warFilename] [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] jboss [warFilename] [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] war [warFilename] [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] was [warFilename] [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=not supported] eclipse

Typical .war file layout:

root of war file
   |   web.xml
   |   +---META-INF
   |   |       eclipselink-dbws.xml
   |   |       eclipselink-dbws-or.xml
   |   |       eclipselink-dbws-ox.xml
   |   |       eclipselink-dbws-sessions.xml
   |   |
   |   \---_dbws
   |           DBWSProvider.class     -- auto-generated JAX-WS 2.0 Provider
   |           ProviderListener.class -- auto-generated Servlet Listener
           swaref.xsd                 -- optional
EclipseLink DBWS Service .war File Contents
File Description
web.xml The Web application deployment file
(required for deployment as a JAX-WS Web service - see JSR-109 for more details).
eclipselink-dbws.xml The EclipseLink DBWS service descriptor file
(described in full in the EclipseLink User Guide).
eclipselink-dbws-or.xml The EclipseLink ORM project XML file.
For more information, see Introduction to Relational Projects (ELUG).
eclipselink-dbws-ox.xml The EclipseLink OXM project XML file.
For more information, see Introduction to XML Projects (ELUG).
eclipselink-dbws-sessions.xml The EclipseLink sessions.xml file for the EclipseLink DBWS service.
It contains references to the EclipseLink ORM and OXM project XML files.
For more information, see Introduction to EclipseLink Sessions (ELUG).
eclipselink-dbws-schema.xsd Contains XML type definitions for operation arguments and return types.
The DBWSBuilder utility automatically generates this file from database
metadata to derive element-tag names and types.
eclipselink-dbws.wsdl Contains entries for all operations in the EclipseLink DBWS service.
(required for deployment as a JAX-WS Web service - see JSR-109 for more details).
swaref.xsd (optional) Contains XML type definitions for SOAP attachments.

Note that the files swaref.xsd and web.xml have names and content determined by their roles in Web deployment and cannot be changed.

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