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Project Time Line
Date Event
Thurs Sept 06 Code changes for antlr upgrade
Thurs Aug 23 Initial source drop. includes all .java files, a preliminary jar file, but no build dependancies. The jar file will be capable of passing most tests, but has failures in some areas due to the fact that we are upgrading dependancy libraries
Thurs Aug 09 All tickets granted checkin approval, parallel IP review ongoing.
Fri July 6th Open IPZilla bugs and submitted EclipseLink source code.
Thurs June 7th EMO confirmed successful creation review
Wed June 6th Voting Closed. Received +12 votes
Wed May 30 EclipseLink Creation review
  • Ongoing
    • Check in libraries (Upgrade in progress). For a number of libraries, a version upgrade is required due to Eclipse licensing constraints. We will check the libraries in as we are able to upgrade and test them. (currently only ASM and ANTLR have been checked in. Waiting on approval for other libraries)
    • Test fixes. Fixes for tests that are currently breaking. (LRG and SRG test models have been checked in. Others will be updated as the project continues)
    • build scripts have been checked in. This will be ongoing until the initial release)