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JPA-RS Security

Securing JPA-RS in GlassFish

The following is an example of how JPA-RS can be secured within an application using standard Java EE configuration combined with the server specific security.

The web application that adds JPA-RS through its inclusion as a web-fragment by placing the JPA-RS libraryy in WEB-INF/lib can also augment their web.xml to control access to the JPA-RS service. An example of this woul look like:

<!-- Securing JPA-RS  -->
	<display-name>JPA-RS Security</display-name>

This configuration will limit all access to JPA-RS to container configured users who have the JPA-RS security role.

GlassFish: sun-web.xml

Within the GlassFish server the additional mapping from Java EE security role to the GlassFish secuity group is required.