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EclipseLink/Release/2.4.0/JAXB RI Extensions/XML Accessor Factory

Design Documentation: XML Accessor Factory

ER 372403

In the current JAXB RI, developed by Sun, there are a series of "proprietary" JAXB extensions that are available to provide advanced JAXB functionality outside of the JAXB spec (these extension classes reside in the com.sun.xml.bind package).

By providing implementations of Accessor and AccessorFactory classes, the user can provide their own logic for getting and setting property values, both at the Class and Package level.

This document will outline EclipseLink MOXY's support to this extension.


Classes (or packages) annotated with XmlAccessorFactory will use the supplied AccessorFactory subclass to create Accessors to set and get the values of JAXB properties. By implementing their own Accessor classes, the user will have complete control over the setting and getting of property values. This could be used, for example, to implement a custom lazy-loading strategy.