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<div style="margin:5px;float:right;border:1px solid #000000;padding:5px">__TOC__</div>
<div style="margin:5px;float:right;border:1px solid #000000;padding:5px">__TOC__</div>
= Design Documentation: CharacterEscapeHandler =
= Design Documentation: Character Escape Handler =
[ ER 370589]
[ ER 370589]

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Design Documentation: Character Escape Handler

ER 370589

In the current JAXB RI, developed by Sun, there are a series of "proprietary" JAXB extensions that are available to provide advanced JAXB functionality outside of the JAXB spec (these extension classes reside in the com.sun.xml.bind package).

The CharacterEscapeHandler interface provided in the Sun JAXB implementation allows users to write their own character escaping code, to be used when marshalling.

This document will outline the design for an EclipseLink equivalent to this extension.


If a custom CharacterEscapeHandler is set, then that class will be responsible for all character escaping during marshal operations.

Custom escape handling is not supported when marshalling to the following targets:

  • org.xml.sax.ContentHandler
  • org.w3c.dom.Node


Your custom handler should be an implementation of the org.eclipse.persistence.oxm.CharacterEscapeHandler interface.

A custom CharacterEscapeHandler can be specified on a Marshaller using the addProperty() method:

JAXBContext ctx = ...
Marshaller m = ctx.createMarshaller();
m.setProperty(org.eclipse.persistence.jaxb.JAXBMarshaller.CHARACTER_ESCAPE_HANDLER, new MyHandler());

The CharacterEscapeHandler cannot be null. If you need to re-set the CharacterEscapeHandler back to the EclipseLink default, use the following handler class:

   new org.eclipse.persistence.internal.oxm.record.DefaultCharacterEscapeHandler());

Note: EclipseLink also supports Sun's CharacterEscapeHandler property names:

m.setProperty("com.sun.xml.bind.marshaller.CharacterEscapeHandler", new MyHandler());
m.setProperty("com.sun.xml.internal.bind.marshaller.CharacterEscapeHandler", new MyHandler());

Appendix A - Example CharacterEscapeHandler

package example;
import org.eclipse.persistence.oxm.CharacterEscapeHandler;
public class MyHandler implements CharacterEscapeHandler {
     * Escape characters inside the buffer and send the output to the Writer.
     * @exception IOException
     *                In an error condition, IOException can be thrown to stop
     *                the marshalling process.
    public void escape(char[] buf, int start, int len, boolean isAttValue, Writer out) throws IOException {
        for (int i = start; i < start + len; i++) {
            char ch = buf[i];
            if (ch == '&') {
            if (ch == '"' && isAttValue) {
            if (ch == '\'' && isAttValue) {
            // you should handle other characters like < or >
            // ...
            if (ch > 0x7F) {
                // escape everything above ASCII to &#xXXXX;
            // otherwise print normally

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