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EclipseLink 1.2.0 Release Notes

This release is currently under development with a target release date of October 14th 2009.

Feature Overview

  • JPA: 2.0 Preview based on Published Final Draft
    • Mapping Enhancements
      • Access Type
      • Element Collection/Map
      • Orphan Removal
      • Ordered Lists
      • Derived identifiers and MapsId
    • Meta-Model
    • Canonical Model generation
    • Querying: Typed and Criteria queries, additional operators with JP QL enhancements
    • Additional LockModeType
    • Validation Integration (JSR 303)
  • MOXy
    • JAXB 2.1 Compliance
    • eclipselink-oxm.xml: Externalized metadata format for usage with JAXB.
    • Improved StAX Support
    • Support for root level datatype objects.
    • Schema generation support when using meet-in-the-middle mappings.
    • getByXPath/setByXPath APIs that allow object access/modification using XPath statments.
    • Mapping Enhancements
      • Composite & Choice mappings now have keep as element option.
      • Choice mappings now support converters.
  • SDO
    • SDO 2.1.1 Compliance
    • POJO/SDO Bridge Enhancements
      • ChangeSummary is now supported.
      • SDO runtime no longer requires generated impl classes for static SDOs.
      • New sdo-jaxb-compiler.sh(.cmd) script generates both SDO and JAXB models from an XML schema.
      • Can now get the POJO class that corresponds to an SDO Type.
    • New SDOHelper class provides an easy mechanism for accessing the EclipseLink SDO implementation to make use of extended features.
  • DBWS

Resolved Issues

Resolved Bug Queries

Known Issues

All known issues with EclipseLink are tracked in the Eclipse bugzilla database. Queries for current open bugs in EclipseLink are available here.

JPA 2.0 Preview Limitations

With the JPA 2.0 there are some capabilities that are incomplete or differ in functionality from the current draft specification

  • In EclipseLink 1.2.0 there exists javax.persistence.criteria.QueryBuilder which has been renamed to javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder in the final draft of the JPA 2.0 specification
  • Metamodel: Some API not yet implemented or partially functional
    • IdentifiableTypeImpl.java
    • MappedSuperclassTypeImpl.java - Partially implemented: public Type<?> getIdType()
    • EntityTypeImpl.java - Partially Implemented: public Type<?> getIdType()


The following features have been newly deprecated in the 2.0 release

Component Feature Description
JPA Standard Properties JPA 2.0 introduces common properties for JDBC configuration. The implementation of these makes some of the existing 'eclipselink.jdbc.*' properties redundant for both JPA 1.0 and 2.0 usage and therefore have been deprecated in this release. They will be removed in a future release. In Eclipselink 1.2.0 the use of these properties will result in a log warning.

Certified Configurations

Java Persistence (JPA) 1.0 & 2.0

Java Architecture JPA 2.0 Preview
JPA 1.0
Included with EclipseLink ZIP
JPA 1.0
Orbit (signed)
Java SE
Yes Yes No
Java SE
Yes No No
Java EE
Yes Yes No
Java EE
Yes No No
OSGi (Equinox)
Yes No No