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Release Notes

The 1.0 release is the first release of the Eclipse Persistence Services (EclipseLink) project. It brings the entire functionality of Oracle's TopLink product to the entire Java community with the first comprehensive open source persistence solution. The EclipseLink committers are very proud to deliver this initial release and encourages all developers to download the release, try it out, provide feedback, and join this growing community of users, contributors, and committers.


The 1.0 release of EclipseLink provides support for Object-Relational persistence with its JPA component, Object-XML binding with its MOXy component, and the Service Data Objects (SDO) component... The following are some highlights of the features supported in this release.

  • JPA: Implements the 1.0 specification with many advanced features
  • MOXy: Implements JAXB2 features as well as enabling meet in the middle mapping
  • SDO: Implementing the 2.1 specification
  • Foundation
    • Common core shared across the other persistence services
    • Includes the classic (native) object-relational mapping, object-XML binding and EIS mapping support
  • Utilities
    • Migration utilities to help customers using TopLink Essentials or previous versions of Oracle TopLink to migrate to EclipseLink
    • Workbench utility enabling meet in the middle mapping for classic ORM, OXM, and EIS
  • Documentation is provided through the User Guide (wiki)
  • Eclipselink/Examples: A growing set of how-to's, functional examples, and tutorials illustrating the use of EclipseLink.

For a complete list of features please see EclipseLink/Features.



Getting Started

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