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EclipseLink is dedicated to being the best performance, and most scalable JPA implementation.


EclipseLink's performance features include:

  • Object cache
    • Cache invalidation (time to live, and time of day)
    • Configurable cache types per Entity, (Weak, Soft, SoftCache, HardCache, Full)
    • Configurable cache size per Entity
    • Clustered cache coordination
  • Querying
    • Read-only queries
    • Join fetching (query, nested, mapping)
    • Batch reading (query, nested, mapping)
    • Fetch groups (query, default, dynamic)
    • Fetch size
    • Pagination (firstResult, maxResult, ROWNUM filtering)
    • Cursors (stream and scrollable)
    • Cache usage (in-memory, primary key)
    • Query cache (invalidation, size configuration)
  • Mapping
    • Lazy loading
    • Read-only objects
    • Weaving enhancements
  • Transactions
    • Attribute level change tracking
    • Field level updates
  • Database
    • Connection pooling
    • Parametrized SQL
    • Statement caching
    • Batch writing (JDBC, parametrized, native)
  • Tools
    • Performance Profiler


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