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Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink) Features

This page and its sub-pages list all of the features of EclipseLink and their intended usage. EclipseLink delivers functionality for object-relational, object-XML, and EIS using JCA resource adapter. EclipseLink is focussed on delivering support for leading persistence standards and extensions needed for enterprise application development.

Core Functionality

One of the benefits of using the EclipseLink solution is its core infrastructure shared across multiple persistence services. These capabilities include:

  • Common class mapping with customization policies with event callbacks
  • Multiple session types with event callbacks
  • Transaction Framework tracking entity changes using JDBC transactions or JTA

Object-Relational: JPA

  • Object-Relational Mappings with many customizations
  • Object Caching Solution
  • Multiple Metadata Configuration approaches
  • DatabasePlatform controlling database specific functionality
  • Internal and external DataSource/JDBC connection access
  • [EclipseLink/Features/ORM]


  • JAXB

Service Data Objects (SDO)


EIS using JCA