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PostgreSQL is an open source databases using the BSD license. PostgreSQL originally evolved from the Ingres.

Most JPA and EclipseLink functionality should work with PostgreSQL.

Some common PostgresSQL issue are:

  • Native SQL meta-data returned as lower case : This means to use native SQL queries you may need to ensure your column names are specified as lower case in your mappings. You can also use the EclipseLink persistence.xml property "eclipselink.jdbc.uppercase-columns"="true", to force the meta-data columns to uppercase.
  • PostgreSQL seems to be more picky on parameter typing when using binding. This can be an issue when binding null values in some cases. Ensure you have the correct types set in your mappings such as setting the type of the mapping's DatabaseField. You can also use dynamic SQL using the persistence.xml property "eclipselink.jdbc.bind-parameters"="false"